Month: December 2009

A Really Amazing Race

In my sluggishness has trapped self in my room channel surfing for hours on end. So much to be done–all my action figures have decided to topple each other again, my laptop needs a lot of maintenance stuff, my toilet… Read More ›

Going Batty

In the spirit of materialism, has recently acquired Batman: The Animated Series DVD box set volume 2 from Music One in Greenbelt. It is quite annoying when people talk and write about stuff that they have recently acquired, basically because… Read More ›

Helen of Troy

I am strangely fond of my stint as Robin during the recent residents’ Team Building. Usually I would be embarrassed of embarrassing things, but my green, transparent sequined briefs only validated my long held belief that for my age I… Read More ›


Recently met up with high school friends and one of them invited us to watch Rent or Cats. Now I’m not particularly fond of musicals, always finding the theatricals really awkward and the intermittent blaring into songs quite jarring. The… Read More ›

Quadruple Negatives

Now that Smoketh and the rest of the gang have fled from the hospital and are now studying their brains out at home I am having some extreme withdrawal symptoms, my daily routine now drastically altered. No more music appreciation… Read More ›

Stretching Out An Entry

While walking sluggishly around the callroom yesterday has majorly hit my forehead against the low-beamed cement entrance. I know I am given to using MILLIONS of exaggerations, but let me tell you without exaggeration or histrionics that as I heard… Read More ›


Recently saw Tits, Pyro, and HIV hunched together in a corner in the callroom and I knew, I knew that they were scheming. I wanted to pull Tits aside and pretend that I would like him to accompany me to… Read More ›

Let Them Eat Cake

The danger of parodying someone or something or some concept or whatever is that you tend to transform exactly into what annoys you, in the same way that FBI serial killer profilers become serial killers themselves. Back in college I’ve… Read More ›

So Fast

Time is. The title and that first line are pure plagiarism of an old entry of blogger-mate and hostess extraordinaire Lalaloo. Indeed, time has raged on faster than expected. A senior Fellow oriented us on our first day that getting… Read More ›

SPF 10,000

And so Djana and I had no choice but to come up with activities—there are more people to disappoint this time, three batches of residents to be exact, if we commanded that the only activities would be sleeping and drinking…. Read More ›

Queen Mum

Queen Mum has recently told me that my appearance devolves as an ER duty day progresses, and here I thought I couldn’t devolve any further. At 2 pm she said my polo collar would be skewed to the left. At… Read More ›