Finished clinics at around 2:30 pm, and I ran to the nearest source of food I could find, aka Army Navy, for lunch. I felt like I would pass out (exaj), which makes me wonder how people doing intermittent fasting… Read More ›

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  • Piles And Piles Of Books

    I suppose it’s common for all amateurs, but when I sat there in the middle of SMX at the Manila International Bookfair, and my name was put on display and I was twiddling my thumbs behind my pile of untouched… Read More ›

  • Promodizing!

    Copies may now be ordered via the Milflores website, although they would only be able to serve these orders after the MIBF. As far as I know 100 copies have been printed so far for the MIBF, while the rest… Read More ›

  • Gastritic!

    Been having really terrible meal schedules lately, what with the deluge of patients in the clinics, the wards, and in the chemotherapy units. I was therefore ecstatic when a patient gave me box of uraro, a flower-shaped sweet cookie that… Read More ›

  • Kaya

    In the early 2000’s I introduced my dad to this tiny hamburger joint in Glorietta called Hotshots. Each quarter pounder burger was around P55, which was relatively cheap even at that time. My dad liked it so much, that he… Read More ›

  • Follow Your Heart!

    It’s like when a child sees 100 pesos on the street, and he is so overwhelmed he buys all sorts of crazy stuff. In this case, the 100 pesos is Canva, as in I have just discovered it, and was… Read More ›

  • Party In Your Mouth!

    Was finally able to have a bit of downtime and drove to the faraway land of… Tagaytay! At least on weekends it feels so faraway, what with the horrendous traffic tempting one to just make a detour back to Nuvali,… Read More ›

  • We Miss You, Jericho!

    I told Namtab Pots that I want to eat in a restaurant that serves cupcakes similar to those in the Netflix show Sugar Rush. I had recently seen all episodes of the show while recuperating from something, and the creations… Read More ›

  • The Fabulous Hawkperson

    I haven’t bought an action figure in such a long time–me being in my ruthless anti-clutter era– but this Hawkman figure from the Black Adam movie has beckoned. Figures with histrionic wings always seem to appeal to collectors, but I… Read More ›

  • Promissory Note It Forward

    Been feeling quite fatigued lately, and when I met up with Smoketh a few nights ago I asked her if she had been feeling fatigued lately too, and of course she was feeling dead tired too, and she wasn’t just… Read More ›


    Milflores Publishing has released a short video teaser of the upcoming book in Instagram and Facebook, featuring cute rubber duckies getting all dramatic about the cover reveal. I think it would be released sometime September, and hopefully make it in… Read More ›

  • Ghostina Mae

    Historically August has always been a ghost month in terms of finances, so this time I said, you know what I won’t resist it! And I would stop resisting it… by not coming to the clinics as frequently as I… Read More ›

  • A History of Hypercholesterolism

    While looking for that photo of the black chori burger from Boracay Discovery Shores for a previous entry, the Photos App in my Macbook showed me various photos of the burgers I’ve engulfed through the years to the detriment of… Read More ›

  • Amazing Alumna/Alumnae/Alumni

    Bestie Dianne messaged me a few months ago to ask for a list of professional and academic credentials of Smoketh. Dianne and Smoketh went to the same high school decades ago, and Dianne wanted to nominate Smoketh as this year’s… Read More ›

  • Slump!

    Been on a reading/watch/writing slump recently, which makes me wonder how I’ve been spending all that time. To be fair, the clinics have been getting busier, and I’m starting to reconsider my 4-day clinic week. But I will try to… Read More ›

  • Come Back, Marcus!

    Aurelius Lucius, my barber, had abandoned me and transferred to another branch of Bruno’s last year after 6 years of cutting my hair. Since then the valiant Marcus Cornelius took over, and he does such a fantastic job of making… Read More ›

  • Hoarse

    As I am endorsing my chemotherapy orders to Andrea, our chemo nurse, she tells me that my voice sounds sad. I ask her what the hell she means (while I try to reflect if I am sad) and she quickly… Read More ›

  • No Plans!

    The last time I went to Baguio was in 2017, when our residency batchmate Miss Greece announced a week prior that we were invited to her wedding, and that some of us were part of the entourage. Nobody, not even… Read More ›

  • Going Down Slowly

    It’s the weekend, and I happily realize that after months of abject toxicity I finally have a full weekend with no in-hospital patients to rounds. So I can probably plan something–who am I kidding, what I mean is I can… Read More ›

  • Stuff of Nightmares

    The Toys R’Us guy happily tells me that there are still a couple of Huggy Wuggy’s left, and that they are running out of stocks fast! So apparently it’s a thing. My niece had asked for it for her birthday,… Read More ›

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