Month: September 2011


In grade 2, one of ┬ámy most hated years in my life, like first year med, first year college, hellowship, 2nd year high school… wait if I go on I would sound totally miserable. AHAHAHA. So in grade 2 one… Read More ›

Oh, Powergirl

One of the casualties in the blasted DC Comics relaunch is Powergirl. To recap: Powergirl is the parallel Earth version of Supergirl, but her Earth’s Superman has died in Infinite Crisis. For over two years she has grown from a… Read More ›

Welcome Back To The Shore

Was frantically running around doing the things I usually whine about, and realized I’ve been doing this thing for seven months now. Seven months, of whining, doing things ANYWAY, whining, doing things ANYWAY, because really, WHADDAYAGONNADO. And WHO should I… Read More ›

Baseline Karindihan

On to my attempts to read every comic book ever written. I am presently resuming my reading of Peter David’s 80-issue run on Supergirl, the version that isn’t Superman’s cousin from Krypton but is rather the Matrix-Lana Lang DNA-Earth Angel-Linda… Read More ›

I Wasn’t Dead

You mean you were gone? You asked. Yes, indeed, I ‘ve been absent for quite some time. I’ve been in a parallel universe where everything is airconditioned, there’s always dessert in the rationed food, the elevators are fast, the people… Read More ›