In grade 2, one of  my most hated years in my life, like first year med, first year college, hellowship, 2nd year high school… wait if I go on I would sound totally miserable. AHAHAHA. So in grade 2 one fun fun fun day who should celebrate her birthday but one of our classmates, Cathy. The teacher egged her to go in front so we could sing to her, and she did. She smiled and giggled and cheered as we sang, not realizing that fifteen years into the future she would… wait I don’t know what happened to her, so nothing there. So we sang sang sang and we clapped genuinely because truly birthdays are totally cheeri-o.

After the singing the teacher asked her to close her eyes for a few seconds and wish for something. She did. The teacher then asked her, “What did you wish for?”

And you know what she said? YOU KNOW WHAT SHE FUCKING SAID?!


I am doing a pointless anecdotification because truly, right now, in total hunger: I WANT SPAGHETTI. Although probably not in the level that Smoketh WANTS SPAGHETTI. There is no way that I can WANT SPAGHETTI the same way Smoketh WANTS SPAGHETTI. This is obviously an aftermath of last Saturday, when we attended the dedication of Mrs. Therese’s second child, Pipo. After the ceremony we lightened up as we saw a cute plate containing red spaghetti, hotdog-let with marshmallow, chicken lollipop, and cream puffs. We were poised to eat the luscious treats when we discovered that… the plate is for kids and adults have a separate buffet of rice vegetables beef buko pandan and other adult food!!!!

So you know you want it Cathy and we know we fucking want it too. We want to slurp it bite it get our faces smeared in it. We want, oh how we want, spaghetti.

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  1. if you want to see the plate of spaghetti….click this link. ( i'm sure you would crave spaghetti endlessly too. and not just any spaghetti, the spaghetti with the HOTDOG chunks.smoketh


  2. and cream puff for MORE! Or as a friend would say, cream fupp! Okay that's me, eh nakakalito naman talaga minsan specially if you say it fast.


  3. I think those kiddie food really remind one of that distant (ok, not-so-distant) past when we didn't have to worry about anything except if we'd eat the spaghetti after twirling it around the fork, or just slurping it and letting the sauce drip from our mouths. And that having to eat \”adult\” food meant there was no way we could avoid being well, an adult. Pero natawa talaga ako sa kwento ni \”Cathy Spaghetti.\” Yun talaga ang wish niya no? Pano naman kasi nung araw (ahahahah! I feel weird using nung araw. feels like my papa telling one of his old tales), we'd only be able to taste spaghetti during special occasions like birthdays, and Christmases…Hindi pa naman kasi super uso si Jollibee or McDo. But you know, I cook a mean spaghetti so the next time I cook, hmmm…I'll think of you while eating it. ahahahahahha!


  4. now i also want spaghetti. the jollibee kind.


  5. Ate Kaye: I know baka nga may nostalgification component ano, pero in real life baka naman hindi iyon kasarapan (bitter). Sige next time you eat spaghetti think of me na lang… and my pinna melanoma! AHAHAHAHHTGOF: PAREHO kayo ni Smoketh. Gusto nya ng spaghetti na bright red at matamis.


  6. let's eat spaghetti sa next ft! hahaha.:)


  7. let's eat spaghetti sa next ft! hahaha.:)


  8. it's a sign of growing old, when you cease being served spaghetti (and hotdogs w/ marshamallows), and instead you get pancit and lumpia. @_@ i'm not sure what year it was in med school, but i remember we had a Christmas party at the MSU. and we had at least 3 different bilaos of PANCIT! pancit palabok, pancit bihon, pancit canton. and just 1 bilao of spaghetti, na hindi pa ata naubos. XP


  9. BOTD, nag canvass kami ni smoketh ng spaghetti dun sa tabi ng GJ's at ito ay… 400 freaking pesos! AHAHAHAHAHAHANSJK, i'm not sure if you used to do this pero sa mga party namin sa probinsya ay nakatuhog ang mga hotdog+marshmallow on a stick sa… REPOLYO! AHAHAHAHAH minsan binabalutan ng FOIL ang repolyo para maganda naman daw tignan


  10. instead of cabbage heads, we had banana trunks! no need for foil. kase makinis na sha by itself. 😛


  11. Oh my, this made me want to dial 8700 Jollibee Delivery!


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