Month: November 2011


I saw a local movie called Tatarin in ATC years and years ago, back when I could still watch horrific movies in theaters and stuff. It was supposedly based on a Nick Joaquin short story we’ve read in Hum 1… Read More ›

Vanishing Room, Cinoroborate

Pinaalala pa kasi ni The Daw aka BOTD aka Supervillainess Helliza. Natatakot tuloy ako ulit bigla. Sa mga panahong ito ay nagtatrabaho ako sa isang lugar na kung tawagin ay Cancer Institute. Tuwing tinatanong ako ng ibang tao kung hindi… Read More ›

Murder Mystery in CI

Not really a murder mystery, but I’ve been perusing through my old Hercule Poirot stories and it’s just fun when he screams, in David Suchet voice, of course, “MURDER!” The mystery I’m referring to in this instance is, of course,… Read More ›


Been having quite a difficult time in many respects lately (as if I haven’t whined about these things enough), but I’ve declared a couple of days ago that what would push me to the edge is if my gadgetifications start… Read More ›


Chanced upon Supervillainess Helliza and HTGOF in Shrine Motherfucker 1. Strangely Shrine Motherfucker 1 is quite devoid of people, probably because it’s sem break. Having run out of blogs to ridicule and having exhausted all valid points on being cat… Read More ›

Alternative Career for Lochia

Back in high school I actually thought I would like to become a lawyer. Gross. Utterly, utterly gross. This is probably borne out of my being thrusted into a couple of debate competitions within the school. Again, utterly utterly bleeping… Read More ›

Crap and A Sell-Out

Years and years ago during semestral or summer breaks one of my personal projects would be to write as many short stories as I could, which I would later badger Mrs. Therese to read. She was a good friend like… Read More ›

Self-Indulgent Entry

Consider the following events that happened in the past couple of weeks:1. Lalaloo has been blogging again! And she has listed her twenty favorite things in response to an ad where the writer wrote his twenty favorite things. Check out… Read More ›

Getting Some

We are now in issues 2 and 3 of the DC relaunch issues, and whatever steam the relaunch has created has, as expected, been quickly lost. That’s because, as I’ve said, this relaunch is totally unnecessary. After the first issues… Read More ›


Still avoiding the threatening 12-hour Godfather folder from The Helliza Files, so what should I click next but the movie Flipped. Secret shame: I have these sporadic compulsions to watch these hour-and-a-half rom coms, specially if they are extremely funny,… Read More ›