Self-Indulgent Entry

Consider the following events that happened in the past couple of weeks:
1. Lalaloo has been blogging again! And she has listed her twenty favorite things in response to an ad where the writer wrote his twenty favorite things. Check out her blog at
2. In a recent episode of How I Met Your Mother Barney’s girlfriend suddenly blared into the Sound of Music song “My Favorite Things”.
3. Last week Callistus Netromedev enthusiastically texted me as he was leaving the theater, “I’ve just watched The Sound of Music musical! It’s fantastic!” and being a downer I’ve just replied “I fucking hate musicals!” Yes, I’m a total jerk like that.
4. In a recent blog entry, Neurologist Shipper Jack Knight has posted a comment… to the tune of My Favorite Things!!!

Obviously My Favorite Things is begging to be discussed. Hence, I will also list… my favorite things!!! Ahahahaha. More specifically, these are the things I want to ram inside my mouth right now, because I am just so very hungry. I am usually anorexic and subsist on two meals a day, but my cancer seems to have been spontaneously regressing the past few days and I actually have an appetite. So these are… The Top Ten Things I Want Want Want To Ram In My Mouth Right Now Because I Am Just So Fucking Hungry!!! I usually have an aversion to entries about wanting stuff, but I am just… so… hungry.

1. Cherry Coke. The last time I drank one was years and years ago, and I’m still DREAMING (OA) of it every single fucking day (for more OA). Is this gone? Is it? Is IT?!? If it is, would Ventolin syrup-spiked Coke taste the same? Would it? Would IT?!?!
2. Chori Burger from Bun on the Run. Is this also totally gone? Do I really want want want it, or is it nostalgia?
3. UP Diliman isaw in a cup of vinegar, the one in Ilang-Ilang. Calling Mrs. Therese!
4. Toffifee, because it tastes good, is also a piece of nostalgia, and is also expensive and hence unattainable making it seem like it tastes better than it probably does. Also, it’s fun to say Toffifee.
5. Chicken curry.
6. Cornik.
7. Subway. Somebody bring bleeping Subway to Rob! We want a sandwich bursting at the seams with all sorts of vegetarian stuff with vinegar and stuff! Also, there are these Subway ads in DC Comics where sports figures are raving about… avocado dressing! Yes, we are sosyal, we want want want avocado dressing!
8. Ampalaya.
9. Sunflower seeds. Because I’ve always imagined I’m Mulder who always chews on sunflower seeds and… wears gray boxers! AHAHAHAHHAAHHA I know, disgusting disgusting image.
10. Pizza with lots and lots and lots of gulay.

So bleeping hungry.

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  1. cherry coke…meron sa US ata.CHORI BURGER! haven't eaten one since high school! AHAHAHA. i think nalugi sila or something.toffifee!!!!! baklang bakla ang pangalan! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. eating sunflower seeds reminds me of our african lovebirds who would tweet till forever until bigyan sila ng seeds AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.nagutom tuloy ako. AHAHAHAHAHAHA.


  2. may cherry coke dito dati, naalala ko bigla na pag kumakain kami sa yellow cab ay meron nun. Di ko maalala if the spelling is: Toffeefi or Toffifee or Tofeeffi or Tofiffee. Ahahaha pwedeng pang spelling bee. For more nostalgia ay dapat kakainin ko ang chori burger sa… Park Square ahahahaha


  3. park square! as in park square sa makati? oh yeah….kaya pala nung high school lagi sila andoon pag fair or may event….kasi malapit sa alta school ko ahahahahaha. also love their tuna cheesemelt sandwich. ahahaha. pwedeng kainin pag lenten season! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.hahanapin ko nga spelling ng tofifee na yan ahahahaha. kakakita ko lang sa grocery the other day.


  4. oo parksquare sa makati napanood ko lang yun dati sa 5 and Up so inisip ko pang COOL and RICH people so pinilit ko na ring gustuhin ahahahaha


  5. indeed cherry coke tastes like ventolin! @_@


  6. there was a time during my X-Files fan-ness, that i also wanted to munch on sunflower seeds. but because it was mahal, i settled for cheapy butong pakwan. it was messy. and not as cool. :Pwhile still on the topic of X-Files and coolness, i thought that after med school i'd take up pathology and be like Scully. but \”Car****, N.B.I.\” falls flat, and doesn't elicit the same respect and authority as \”Scully, F.B.I.\”


  7. hey willy! i was inspired by you! :)My Favorite Foods on my blog 😉


  8. ahahaha ako rin NSJK gusto ko maging FBI dati or at least patho and then I saw our patho autopsy room which did not look anything like the one scully would autopsy in. anyway i've just realized that you did not comment before to the tune of my favorite things, but to the tune of i am sixteen going on seventeen! ahahahahah


  9. apparently, may cherry coke sa community sir.


  10. wow buti pa sa community!!!


  11. Didn't have time to go through all the comments but just in case nobody said it yet, there's Bun On The Run over at Metrowalk in Ortigas. Just ate Chori Burger a month ago.The last time I ate isaw near Kalayaan was years ago. I got really excited and ate around 20 sticks. Ended up puking everything out less than an hour after. Nalason ata ako! Hahaha


  12. yup john you told me about your puking incident. that during a psych class you ran to the restroom in 2nd floor or 1st floor PHAN and puked shit out ahahahaha


  13. Isaw at Diliman? Game! Just say when! Btw, there has been major changes in our fave UPDil spot…Alam mo naman na wala na siya sa tapat ng Ilang-Ilang right? It's near the Pool na and guess what…katabi na niya ang Mang Larry's, with the generator and the Christmas lights and the LED Come-On on top of the glass, housing our favorite innards…Despite everything though, I will always choose our mertayoleyt-colored isaw and buchi, kahit wala silang Christmas lights at sariling generator!! So kelan na nga??


  14. we should do it january, dahil pinakatraffic sa december. so isa napalang korporasyon ang isawan. ibagsak! pero hindi ito ang isyu! gynecologists, psychologists, peer counselors!!!


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