Month: October 2011

The Helliza Files

Happily there were relatively few patients to rounds and kikimo today, as everyone is probably in the beach. I am thinking that they are all in the beach because for some reason the All Saints’ Day weekend feels more like… Read More ›


And just because we are wrinkled old prunes doesn’t mean we don’t marvel at the cherries. On the contrary, we love the cherries. We love watching them gallivanting and frolicking and getting plumpier and redder and brighter by the minute…. Read More ›


I have a pathologic inability to escape situations. Such that if a talkish person suddenly accosts me in the corridor and makes kwento for hours on end I would find it too difficult to push her aside and run to… Read More ›


On a regular consult with my pediatrician many many many many years ago, she took out a prescription pad and outlined to me my career options. I was in grade 6, and she was already concerned about my career. Maybe… Read More ›

Warm and Fuzzy

Been in the dumps lately. So you guess this is another one of those whining, moaning, groaning posts right? Wrong. On the contrary, this is a post on being warm and fuzzy. In an attempt to somehow crawl out of… Read More ›

Girlfriend Material

A few weeks ago Mary Anne Sue, a close female friend, had some problems with her boyfriend. I wasn’t there during the acute phase (welling of tears and throwing of breakable objects), but I was there during the subacute phase… Read More ›


One of my favorite daily activities is flossing my teeth. It may not seem like it, but I like flossing my teeth. To bleeding level. Truly I must have been doing it wrong for years on end, because after flossing… Read More ›

Leaked Interview Questions

And in a few days time, I think, the pre-residency live competition ends! I don’t know most of them, basically because I’m old! And nobody wants to rotate in our clinic with those icky chemo stuff! Kikimo! Ahoy! Who will… Read More ›