Warm and Fuzzy

Been in the dumps lately.

So you guess this is another one of those whining, moaning, groaning posts right? Wrong. On the contrary, this is a post on being warm and fuzzy.
In an attempt to somehow crawl out of the dumps a few notches up I took my brother’s DVD player and rammed in the DVD of… Super Friends! I figured an overdose of nostalgification for the times when things were simple blather blather blather would somehow lift me up. Speaking of lifting me up, I’ve blogged a few years ago that the neighbor’s loud music rivals my iPod in being an empath, ie, it plays songs that would somehow fit my frame of my mind at the time. For instance, after a toxic WAPOD duty when a patient died on my watch a few years ago I went home to take a bath. While rehearsing the tragic events of the night and ruminating how I’ve directly caused the death and stuff, what should play in the neighbor’s radio but Apologize by One Republic, ie, it’s too late to apologize for the delayed intubation, delayed referral, inadequate management, ruminate and cry some more. And just more recently when I was once again in the dumpiest of dumps what should suddenly blare out of the neighbor’s radio but…. Through The Rain by Mariah Carey. I choked out laughing and was instantly relieved of misery for a while.
Back to Super Friends. Many, many years ago Super Friends was the highlight of the week. You could not download anything yet, there were no DVD’s or whatever, and I would have to wait one whole week for Thursday 11 am for Super Friends. I would mark my calendar and get all gleeful and shit if there were five Thursdays. My favorite part of the show is the iconic intro.
“SHOOOPERMAN! Batman and Robin!”
Of course I figured that I would probably hate the show now and be turned off by the ridiculous stories and inferior animation. Or if I would like it it would probably just be nostalgification. 
I was wrong. I’ve enjoyed it immensely. The stories are excellent. The animation is fantastic. The voices are wonderful. The intro gets me all giddy and crap. The show is FUN. And in light of the current DC comics reboot which is not getting any better, when you have to follow stories for months and months and even years for some kind of pay off, Super Friends is golden.
And I never understood all the hate for the Wonder Twins. Their powers are fantastic. I for one would like to know what it feels like to be a stegosaurus. Or a glass of water.

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3 replies

  1. My theory: your neighbor is actually… your stalker! Haha


  2. hahaha alikoy i think tama ka dyan! AHAHAHHAHA. naiimagine kita na kumakanta ng through the rain! AHAHAHAHA. with matching plok plok plok of teardrops. hahahaha.


  3. IKR pero hindi ako na plokplok sa through the rain, natawa ako at nagchoke sa lur na nilulur ko ahahahahahha


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