Month: August 2021

Ube Pie

When we were in residency training I once heard my friend Queenie mumbling to herself while staring at a piece of paper: “Okay, rounds ng 7 patients, 30 minutes, walk to social service, 2 minutes, talk to radiology, 3 minutes…… Read More ›


While lining up to pay in SNR I saw the guy in front of me scrolling through his phone. His eyes popped out as he paused scrolling and stared at today’s COVID statistics: 17,000+ new cases! I had to do… Read More ›


After chemo in Qualimed I walked around Nuvali to catch up on my required steps for the day. It was a ghost town. I suddenly felt hungry and remembered that I had three pieces of left-over empanada in the ref…. Read More ›


Been a bit crazy the past two weeks, with the surge and all. I had assumed that consults for cancer treatment would go down, but strangely, the census has been climbing. There are so many messages in the different apps,… Read More ›

How assuming!

Armando Garmando was on a diet, but he saw a strategically placed Hello Chocolate Bar in the counter area of 7-11, so he grabbed a couple and wolfed them down in two minutes. The managing personnel in these stores really… Read More ›

The Competitors Who Lost

This was our anatomy laboratory back in med school. Anatomy was one of our first subjects in med, and our class of 160 students was divided into groups of six. Each group was assigned a cadaver, who became our most… Read More ›