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  • Memories of Mojito

    I woke up at around 4 am, drenched in sweat, and whined: ang inet! The aircon in my room is as old as tube-type televisions, the sort of ancient appliance that hums and gurgles for a few minutes before releasing… Read More ›

  • History, P.E., and Maggots

    As I was about to start Joel’s chemo I rattled off the laundry list of pertinent symptoms he might have neglected to disclose. Some patients avoid revealing too much, for fear of a chemotherapy cycle getting delayed. This is not… Read More ›

  • Blessed Be The Horrific-ness

    At this point, it seems like The Handmaid’s Tale is just thinking of new ways to terrorize June and the audience. In the previous seasons we saw the ff: a girl was chained to a metal ball and pushed to… Read More ›

  • Nostalgificating Over A Cup of Tea

    Around this time 8 years ago I bade farewell to PGH where I’ve studied and trained for almost 13 years, and went back to the province to study for the upcoming medical oncology boards. I would have been very sentimental,… Read More ›

  • Collapse

    The paper straw in my cup of iced latte started to collapse. I had placed my drink on top of  numerous nurse stations, brought it inside patients’ rooms, lugged it around from one hospital wing to another. After the fifth… Read More ›

  • Praphycyst

    One of our classmates from way back, Praphycyst, has been always full of political fury on Facebook. His Red Lantern level of rage was apparent not just in his posts but also in his comments on news sites which, for… Read More ›

  • Hilam, Hilom, Halinghing

    Back in 1998 I used my only 3-unit free elective to enroll in The Short Story, a course offered by the UP Institute of Creative Writing. It was a delightful experience, and as expected all my classmates were interesting, eclectic,… Read More ›

  • We Know

    Reading through all the messaging apps sometimes feels like a marathon. Muting, pinning, archiving and all these things are supposed to make things easier, but the volume of stuff catches up as soon as I figure something out. I can’t… Read More ›

  • Ridges

    Haven’t had a good night’s sleep the entire week. Either my patients would get admitted in the middle of the night, or patients who were already admitted would deteriorate or be in pain. Some of the specialists decided to go… Read More ›

  • Long Way Up

    I was asking Armando G. if he thinks there is some new nefarious way that the COVID virus is getting transmitted, since we’ve all been covering our faces with all sorts of things (masks, respirators, mini-buttplugs) and the darn numbers… Read More ›

  • Alicia and Darkin

    With the summer heat and the heightened anxiety levels it’s starting to feel like March 2020 anyway, so what better way to complement this deja vu than by doing another spring cleaning and nostalgifying with re-discovered remnants of the past!… Read More ›

  • Afternoon Tea

    While enjoying delicious afternoon tea in UCC Clockwork like a tita-in-training I managed to eavesdrop on a bevy of bonafide titas sitting at the next table. I usually feel a twinge of guilt whenever I eavesdrop, but this time there… Read More ›

  • Vacillating Sentimentality

    To celebrate the final season of the X-Files in 2002 (before I even thought there was the possibility of a poorly executed revival 14 years later), I made a giant collage from all the old posters and magazines I’ve been… Read More ›

  • Street Ghost

    To our surprise we were the only customers at Nikko’s Tailoring that afternoon. We decided to just walk-in, and were told that in a week we would be getting our smock gowns. Pre-pandemic it would usually take 3 months, but… Read More ›

  • Dilemma Dimella

    Early this month I’ve decided to list all the things I needed to renew, and before I knew it was staring at a very long, infuriating list. Government ID’s, accreditations, car registrations, insurances, taxes, etc. It’s enough to drive somebody… Read More ›

  • Rockwell After 18 Years

    Recently had lunch with Lord Fernandez and Jessica Zafra in Wildflour Rockwell. The last time I was in Rockwell was in 2003, and for some reason I expected it to be exactly the same as it was 18 years ago,… Read More ›

  • Choose Your Own Death

    We wandered along Intramuros last Sunday foolishly imagining that we would hear crickets in the dead of night, only to discover hordes of people milling around. We passed by the cathedrals and got all judgmental on how nobody was observing… Read More ›

  • Sneeredeth

    Re-activated my Twitter account this morning, having been notified that in a few days it would be deleted. Apparently you only have thirty days to complete your drama, after which Twitter won’t indulge it any longer and cast you out… Read More ›

  • WWE Ruminations

    In the late 80’s until about 1996 my brother and I really got into the World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment). Most people would consider these years to be the peak popularity of the WWF, with Yokozuna, Bret “The… Read More ›

  • Flossy

    Had another risk-taking breakthrough today: I went to the dentist. Throughout the lockdown I’ve become very compliant with flossing and avoided biting on very hard food that might accidentally cause tooth damage, out of fear that I would need to… Read More ›


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