Month: May 2010

Hail, Smirketh!

Smirketh is wearing a hair clip today. And a pink blouse with lacy things dangling at the side. And she looked like she has taken a bath. And you know what they say about people who look like they’ve taken… Read More ›


Was about to write some sort of, well, lie, about having gotten some kind of life to which my blogger absence could be attributed–you know the drill: studying, participating in an orgy, getting into drugs, engaging in extreme sports, the… Read More ›

Craptacularly Shameful

When you gather thousands of doctors—internal medicine specialists at that—from all over the country you would expect palpable egos trying to topple each other, but on this rare occasion—the annual convention of the Philippine College of Physicians—everyone spectacularly and unabashedly… Read More ›


And so finally there was the annual interns’ Sunog, wherein the most reviled—REVILED!!!—personalities in the hospital were burned to the ground. No resident was really dragged out in the middle of doing an IE just so she could be hogtied… Read More ›