Hail, Smirketh!

Smirketh is wearing a hair clip today. And a pink blouse with lacy things dangling at the side. And she looked like she has taken a bath. And you know what they say about people who look like they’ve taken a bath–they might be post-coital, or they might be going on a date. Smirketh has vehemently denied that she is post-coital, so indeed she was on a date. This came as no surprise, really, as I have just this morning grabbed her phone and found out where this strange troubled dude would be taking her. I didn’t wear any disguise–I’ve forgotten my fantastic Robin costume at home–but I did make silip from the side glass windows and there they were. Eating with glee, face twitching as they struggled to think of something to say, grasping at any familiar word which could be a common point of discussion, and after a few more minutes, talking about marriage. Obviously I’ve only imagined what they might have been talking about–they might have been talking about Star Trek for all I know and strange troubled dude might already be recruiting her to join his Star Trek club in Klingon. Yes, that must be it, they must have been talking in Klingon so I could not read their lips.

“Can you be a girlfriend and listen to my account of the date without squirming or being prejudicial?” Smirketh later asked me after her wonderful liaison with strange troubled dude (STD).
“Yes I can be a girlfriend. It’s what I have been doing for you for the past 8 years,” I berated her.

First dates are always awesome. They test your skills in improvising and feigning–feigning interest, feigning not to be too excited, feigning not to be too interested, feigning not to notice that the other person is not interested, feigning not to notice that the other person is feigning not to notice that you are feigning to be interested. Cool.

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5 replies

  1. HAIL! ahahaha. winner! like ith! haha.


  2. sorry for flooding your wall but… this is VERY inspiring. creating smirketh altar now.


  3. hail smirketh indeed, hail smirketh, we shalt gift you with more pink blouses with lacy things at the sides for more–for MORE–sexual liaisons.


  4. hahahahahahahaha. rotfl. will look forward to seeing that alter, htgof, for my sister smirketh….


  5. who's smirketh?but whoever she is, yeah, go for those lacy things and more sexual liaisons!=)


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