Month: June 2015

One More Try

Today I only have one patient to rounds, and I have no scheduled clinic, tasks, and other responsibilities (as far as I want to admit–of course there are my QURE responsibilities where I have to score the online tests of… Read More ›


“Ayoko nang umasa at masaktan na muli,” I texted Tokwa Boy– pure, visceral, jinarteritic words I never thought I would tell anyone, much less to someone named Tokwa Boy. It was in response to his text message: “Kapit bayan!” We… Read More ›


Of all the things I am most lazy about it’s buying clothes. I hate it. I hate shopping. I hate picking shirts and most specially pants, going to the fitting room, undressing, and putting them on. Then going out to… Read More ›


Helliza is back in the shore. She has successfully completed her internal medicine training and passed the specialty board exams, and while she has the option to leave–LEAVE!– the hospital, she has decided to stay and train further to become… Read More ›

14 Years

For some strange reason this blog has beckoned to me to write today, and I discovered that tomorrow would mark the one year that I have not written anything. Gone were the days when I would get all fidgety when… Read More ›