Month: October 2010


Wherein I give kudos to the things, people, stuff, and drugs that deserve them this week. Yes, we can transform from P.U.S.S.Y. to posi in a matter of seconds, because lithium rules. 1. KUDOS to: ice scramble galore I have… Read More ›


If there is a male version of menstruation this must be it, although I can’t quite lay a finger on what this is. It was better in a way back when I still had a gallbladder which would give me… Read More ›


Back then as high school seniors we would go to the local public schools and teach stuff about Jesus and stuff. And these elementary kids are sharp. One of them has asked Paulita Gomez how she would explain the 3-in-1… Read More ›

For More! Cannibalism.

And because someone else made patol to my quest for haikufication of everything, I now present to you another entry by a reader, which she has composed while we were uncomfortably ensconced in some dark, mapanghi stairwell somewhere. She has… Read More ›

Ever Ever Ever!!!

And just when you thought I couldn’t go any lower, here I am cannibalizing the comment–the only comment at that ha ha ha–and using it to fill up blog space! But truly, Uni-Horned Beef Jerky Alanis Whore’s haiku is worth… Read More ›

What Broad Shoulders You ALL Have

Just recently most everyone in the department have (has?) been sporting the black-maroon Department of Internal Medicine jackets brought about by the efforts of HIV who made karir to make sure this would come to fruition despite the disseminated chikinini… Read More ›

Failure to Shop

I think I’ve blogged a few blogs ago that I’ve been thinking of going shopping for clothes, shoes, watch, etc. in one swoop, which I must now report was a complete failure as my money immediately went elsewhere, in particular:… Read More ›

Closure Crap

Ligawin ang kaibigan kong si Data Scanner. Lahat ng klase ng tao nanligaw na sa kanya. Totoo, saksi ako sa lahat ng ito, kaya tingin ko alam na alam na nya dapat ang siyensya ng pagiging ligawin. Pero kung pagiging… Read More ›


No one can say I didn’t try. I did, I really did (in a whiny voice). I offered comic books (the Marvel ones I didn’t like hee hee hee), offered love advice, I even debased–DEBASED!!!– myself and said I could… Read More ›


We’ve tried everything (within the norms of decency), and yet we still failed to breed some form of romantic relationship within the batch. We have all formed all sorts of strange surrogant relationships– Amor Fati is my surrogate mother, and… Read More ›


On the ride back home with everyone fatigued and spent I plugged on my trusty iPod and turned up Tiny Dancer by Elton John, which I particularly liked after seeing Almost Famous 10 years ago. Although I pretend to be… Read More ›

Yum Yum!

One of my biggest–yes, BIGGEST!!!–dreams has been to put up a bonfire on the beach in one of our outings with everyone sitting together around the fire and looking good and slick and wet and hot and probably with someone… Read More ›


Eventually I would have to run out of things to write about and that is expected with things coming to an end very soon. This is not to say that I have not prepared for this eventuality, however, because there… Read More ›

The… End.

“Whatchadoin today?” is now fast becoming one of my needy expressions, because truly nothing expresses neediness than anything that insinuates oneself into other’s affairs. This does not totally mean that I’m abandoning my schizoidness, but since I have no passion… Read More ›


In keeping with my recent religious experience I now have clarity of the mind and has personally experienced Passover. I’ve been passed over, that is–passed over in the recent nominations for the chief residency! Hurricane Katrina went around the callroom… Read More ›

Oo Na!!!

I exude evil. Other people exude natural annoyingness–ie, you just find them annoying no matter what, some exude unabated sexual energy that you have no choice but to do them (or do yourself), while i exude evil. Eeeeeevil! Maybe not… Read More ›

For More Jumping the Shark

Talaga namang pag hi-nope mo na sana walang referral, pag-upong pag-upo pa lamang para uminom ng kape sa alas-otso ng umaga magri-ring ang phone. In real life naman–in secret–natutuwa ako pag may referral, siguro practice mind-set na rin in real… Read More ›