Month: July 2010

Kitty Galore

For one whole day Pyro was singing Pyramid by Charice in the callroom, which should be OK except that he only knows four words in the song, the first word “Stones”, and “Like a Pyramid!” We were finally able to… Read More ›

Watch out, Krypto!

Cats. Have just realized that cats have played a much bigger role in my life than, say, medical education and psychiatric consults have. Years ago I’ve blogged about the death of my childhood cats (as opposed to singlehood cats, loneliness… Read More ›

Harrison’s Freaks

I don’t recall the exact moment when everyone in the callroom turned into Harrison’s Freaks, for all I know they might have been that way all this time. In any case recently everyone has been hurling questions and infos and… Read More ›

New Krypton

Finally finished The New Krypton mega-saga, which has been going on in the Superman line of comic books for the past two years and has encompassed over 80 comic book issues. It took me two CENICU months to finish the… Read More ›


My idea of a leave would of course be staying in my room watching snuff porn for two weeks straight, but luckily Smirketh and Enjh saved me from porn OD-ing and hauled me to Sonya’s Garden. I’ve heard that this… Read More ›

Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate

Thanks to BOTD for allowing me to watch for the 2nd time the much-panned 2008 X-Files movie X-Files I Want To Believe! I know everybody says it sucks, but being a long-term, full-time X-Phile I am incapable of admitting how… Read More ›

Hey, Beautiful

Is apparently the song by The Solids from which the papapapa-papapapa intro of How I Met Your Mother was taken. Having said that, here are some… questions. That people might want to answer with… answers. Which would be annoyingly cryptic… Read More ›