Month: October 2009


This is how cheezums are translated in this hospital. A few months back during the AH1N1 scare Bubble was on her leave and she went to Italy where she ate pizza, drank wine, and rode a gondola. At that same… Read More ›

More Fucking Dramatics!!!

The entry “Too Much Drama” proved to be such a raving success and elicited a HUGE amount of responses (grand total of…3, two from the same person under different names—eh, Mexican Devil Alanis Whore?) that The Great Crematorium has reminded… Read More ›


Ran last night to Comic Odyssey not expecting I’d find it, I ran, ran, ran, crapping in my pants. Until I realized it was unnecessary, because hanging in the pegs are two figures of… Atrocitus The Red Lantern!!! Atrocitus is… Read More ›

Too Much Drama

Indeed, there is. Too much drama. If this were Survivor that would be one of the reasons why a particular castaway might get voted out—if he is full of too much fucking drama. But then again, we should always think… Read More ›

Beware JJL’s Wrath

One night back when we were in the 1st year’s callroom I was positioned snugly in the most coveted bed. The others in the room with me that night were JJL, Dondee, and Lloydie. The 1st year’s quarters is a… Read More ›

Whining About Whinification

Lately there has been a resurgence of the culture of whinification. Whinification is of course as old as the Sumerian tribes before they were abducted by aliens, because everybody whines. You whine. I whine. A lot. But mostly in this… Read More ›


Some people accuse me of being nice. There is nothing worse than getting accused of being nice. Actually there are much worse things, like being called unfunny, whiny, studious, etc, but permit the hyperbole. Eyebrows are probably shooting up in… Read More ›

Groin-Staring at 7-11

A few days ago while in 7-11 two women were staring at my groin. “Bakit kayo nakatingin sakin?” I asked. They pointed at the nail cutter dangling from the keychain on my belt. Since Grade 6 I have always been… Read More ›