Month: July 2011


          How I love them. Those red, plump, round cherries—succulent and wet, rolling nicely in your mouth. You can pop them, concurrently crisp and chunky, and suck suck suck in that tangy-sweet sensation. Back in the days… Read More ›

Research Paper/Tabloid Mode

Pinag-uusapan lamang namin ni Smoketh nung isang araw na habang tumatanda kami at nagiging mga tinapay na may amag, or mismong amag, lalong umiiksi ang aming mga attention span. Halimbawa nagkukwentuhan kami nina Frichmond habang kumakain ng Subway sandwich, mga… Read More ›

Happy Birthday Smoketh!

We’re taking a break from our regular programming of comic book wet dreaming, hell-owship rants, and nostalgification for that particular time when we weren’t such bitter old prunes so we could greet Smoketh a happy birthday! We are henceforth putting… Read More ›

Tutubi Girl

Been reading a lot of comics recently, mostly catching up on the 90’s Supergirl, the train wreck but slowly recuperating Flashpoint, and a bunch of others, but what really captures my fancy is the excellent run of Grant Morrison in… Read More ›

Mallet and Claw

While quietly reading some comics BOTD messaged me all of a sudden. BOTD has recently quit some high-paying job in the military-industrial complex treating lab tests such as urinalysis with a WBC of 2-4 to prepare for her upcoming downward… Read More ›


Something was announced last June that sent Voltage spraying from my nose and into the laptop screen. Out of nowhere it was announced that DC Comics is rebooting everything starting September, ie, the past 75 years will essentially be thrown… Read More ›

Elevator Ahoy

Truly it’s quite disheartening that the events I find worth blogging these days happen in the elevator. Nevertheless. And so I went into the elevator in the first floor and who should happen to walk in with me but our… Read More ›

October’s Very Cold

The past weeks when my gadget cords have all decided to go on strike I’ve contented myself with exploring further the unexplored recesses of my iPot after charging it from various computers, ie, I’ve finally listened to the thousands of… Read More ›

Whiners, Inc.

Morning rounds in pay would be quite boring if not for my batchmates also roundsing for their specific subspecs who make it a point to make me feel that you don’t have the world on your shoulders, you’re not the… Read More ›

Crisis On Infinite Gadgets

For the past few years I have somehow staved off my mutant abilities to destroy nearby gadgets. My first ever handheld device is the much maligned, and deservedly so, Palm Zire 71 back in 2003. It’s that cute blue thing… Read More ›


Smoketh is on some kind of leave, so we’ve been imagining her doing all sorts of weird stuff in Cebu. Except as I was rushing back to the dorm after I escaped the OPD who should I see sitting in… Read More ›