How I love them. Those red, plump, round cherries—succulent and wet, rolling nicely in your mouth. You can pop them, concurrently crisp and chunky, and suck suck suck in that tangy-sweet sensation. Back in the days whenever my mother would whip up some fruit salad of sort she would open a can of del monte fruit cocktail, and I would have to compete with everyone for that lone red cherry mixed in the cocktail of pointless grapes, pineapples, and other pieces of crap. It was so alone, as alone as the pork in pork and beans. It would be years later that an elder would rebuke us. It’s not genuine cherry, he would say. It’s just a painted grape or some pedestrian fruit. Maybe he was tricking us, so he could eat the damn cherry himself. This would lead to me forgetting all about cherries.
          Until years later when I saw an X-Files episode entitled Chinga where this evil girl with an evil doll was in Dairy Queen. She had just finished her ice cream, and she went to the counter. You know what she said? She said “I want more cherries.” And the snooty counter girl told her, “You gotta ask your mom for more money, sweetie.” And girl repeated, “I WANT MORE CHERRIES!” And you know what she did when counter girl wouldn’t give her any more cherries? She (or was it her evil doll?) telekinetically made counter girl’s hair get caught in some ice cream machine which pulled her scalp out. See, if someone tells you she wants some cherries, she means she wants some fucking cherries!!!
          Recently went in the usual sponsored hotel dinners, and one of the desserts was this tiny cake on which you would put a cherry on top. I didn’t put the cherry on top—I got a plate of cherries and put the tiny cake on top! Because you don’t turn cherry into a garnish, it is food in itself and it is the food that you garnish!!!
          I apologize for the cherry rage. I just want some cherries.

Cherries plump and juicy from Google

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  1. to remedy your craving for cherries…i recommend that you download…cherry popper in itunes! AHAHAHA. cherry in fruit salad tastes weird. OMG! i remember that episode. after watching that hindi ako makatulog kasi naalala ko ang mga evil dolls! freaky.


  2. ang LALIM ng entry na ito di ba! AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA


  3. waaaahh, super lalim nag-pop ang ________ ko! Ang mata naman. Hehehe


  4. ahahaha. at dahil sobrang lalim ng entry na ito…utang na loob bigyan na natin ng cherries (take note…dapat plural…in short SANDAMAKMAK) itong si Special Agent…upang kainin niya ito ng parang….Pringles.once you pop…you can't stop! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


  5. cherries. pringles. they both sound bastos! ahahahahahah!!! salamat BOTD and ma'am jean for consistently preventing my entries no matter how babaw from becoming… TT! AHAHAHAH


  6. Yan yung episode na sinulat ni Stephen King di ba?


  7. you bet it is! yun yung pumunta si skullky sa Maine (of course) at naligo sya sa bath tub.


  8. oooh, chnga, ang ka-loveteam ni chuckie! XP i will always remember that episode for mulder asking scully to marry him. :)i don't think you can post pictures here, so i'll just put down the link:


  9. re: cherries, it has been said that if you can tie a knot in the cherry stem with your tongue, you are a good kisser.


  10. re: pork and beans. ikaw lang! ikaw lang ang tanging ibang taong nakapag-articulate nyang ka-alone-an ng pork sa pork and beans. pinag-aagawan namin ng kapatid ko ang nag-iisang pork sa gitna ng mga beans. hindi naman pwedeng hating-kapatid coz what's more pathetic than *a* pork is half a pork! XP of course, this was when we were younger. i can now buy my own can, and the larger one at that, and have all the pork (and beans) all to myself.but somehow, hindi sha sing-sarap….


  11. ahahahahaha NSJK thanks for the many many thomments! no to thero thomments! btw namention before ni stephen king or ni frank spotnitz or someone na incidentally \”chinga\” is a profanity in some language, spanish yata. so I googled just recently and it means… fuck. ahahahha


  12. di tayo pde mag-share pala ng dessert coz I'm a cherry thief. and people hate me for that. when i'm feeling polite minsan, I can't stand just having my own share kasi I had to have my colleague's pa so I demand for it.


  13. yes, we shouldn't just ask for cherries, we DEMAND for it! AHAHAHAHAH


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