Month: April 2020

Anorexia Covidelya

After doing chemo in the cancer unit I discovered that Shakey’s Lipa is open. There were no customers inside but the huge HOT PIZZA marquee was on, and the crew was busy fixing up orders for delivery. I rushed home and… Read More ›


Not related to the post, but there are now unclassified videos of UFO’s and truly THIS COULD BE A JOB FOR MULDER AND SCULLY! I haven’t been watching a lot of news for the past few weeks, only checking twitter… Read More ›


Another one of my cancer patients died from disease progression today at home, the 7th since the world shut down. In the past few weeks the patient has quickly developed spinal cord compression, secondary infections, and multiple metastases. We had… Read More ›

Summer Mittelschmerz

I woke up with very itchy legs. I checked the bed and discovered tiny pieces of wire and spring jutting out of the foam, poking my bare sweaty legs. The aircon was making weird gurgling noises, and when I placed… Read More ›

Beso Cues

When the Quarantinees are finally unleashed into the world most of us would probably look plumpier, but the hope is that we would somehow look younger due to the minimized sun exposure. I used to cake my face with sunblock… Read More ›

Quarantine Magnum

A couple of months ago a patient gave me a Magnum ice cream bar, and by the time I was able to bring it home it was already sloshing inside the packaging. For weeks I’ve been attempting to take it… Read More ›

Tonight’s Soap Recap!

I hardly have any subscription to anything because I’m totally stingy, and again I blame the poverty mindset of hellowship. But of course if someone offered to let me borrow a Netflix group account, who am I to refuse. But… Read More ›

Love on Valentine’s

By 2019 things were sort of going well for me. I was finally happy with my work schedule, the clinic load was just right, my skin was getting quite fantastic, and months have passed without me obsessing that I was… Read More ›