Month: October 2012


Was making rounds a couple of days ago in the peripheral areas of the hospital, and having done most of our stuff in the Cancer Institute we sometimes find that it requires extra effort just to walk to these peripheral… Read More ›

Pinna Melanoma Recurrence

A year ago I’ve posted much to everyone’s disgust (or nonchalance) that I have pinna melanoma. Of course as soon as disgusting pus started spurting out of the pinna I sort of thought, maybe this isn’t melanoma, maybe it’s something… Read More ›

Ninth Floor

                One morning while leisurely having breakfast in their mansion Zlurketh’s dad happily announced to Zlurketh: “Get dressed. I have enrolled you in a modeling class.”                 Zlurketh (aka CASSANDRA NOVA!) choked on… Read More ›


There are few unalterable truths in life, like if you stay up until 1am and turn to WOWOW back in 1998 you would see a Japanese guy doing a Japanese girl with all the sensitive parts and points of contact… Read More ›

Contemplative Crap

And before we knew it we are running at four months to go before training ends. My greatest fear is to die before all of this wraps up. Or if not die, become debilitated for some reason. For instance, i’ve… Read More ›

Not Dolls!

One of my many addictions is that I need to read at least four comic books per day. Even if it’s already 1:30 am, I would need to sate this addiction. These days, what with the horrific–HORRIFIC!–DC’s New 52 and… Read More ›