Month: May 2012


For once I told myself, “I will not make rounds on this patient today”. It just felt so… liberating (arte). Besides, I thought, the patient is in the able hands of Helliza. A few days ago I frantically called up… Read More ›

Oh, Matter-Eater Lad

We hate going to malls on a Sunday, so imagine the aggravation of going to, of all the bleeping malls, SM Megamall. Everyone was in megamall, but it was the nearest place where we could dine after… going to church…. Read More ›


At sino ang mga pagala-gala sa ospital kundi… mga bagong interns! Mga bagong hellows! Mga bagong pasyente! Nagtataka kami nung una noong mga huling araw ng Abril dahil may mga naglalakad-lakad na grupo na wari tumitingin tingin sa paligid habang… Read More ›


Back in our community rotation during internship Len-Len and I were marooned to a far away barangay in Batangas. Community rotation was fun because I was able to catch up in my comic book readings while Len-Len and I were… Read More ›

Koopa Paratroopas

We don’t usually do this as cancer hellows, but this morning all four of us attended the Thursday audit. The audit is a weekly conference where first year residents present one of their mortalities, and receive comments and questions and… Read More ›

Slinking Further

Being that we were in a state of absolute morbidhood Smoketh and I discussed what we would do upon my death. We can’t be totally blamed for going one step further down the nega road, in the past three months… Read More ›

Fun Fun Fun Now

If there is one moral lesson we are learning in our present state as hellows in cancerhood it’s that we should have fun fun fun NOW because tomorrow we might wake up, take our daily baths, and in the process… Read More ›

Bottom Licker

Many years ago when we were very young my father promised us he would take us to the Magnolia Ice Cream House two towns away. We’ve looked forward to this event for weeks on end, imagining those tall ice cream… Read More ›