Month: May 2021

Early Menopause

“Bakit ang inet!” I yelled to Countess Anastacia Romanova, my clinic secretary. I wasn’t being a jerk, I just had to yell through the two layers of face mask and the industrial-thick face shield. I had just finished chemotherapy on… Read More ›

Vaccineering, Dramaneering

At around 9:30 am my friend, Love, picked me up from the clinic and we dashed to the hospital penthouse for our second dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine. After my first injection 3 months ago the injection site had… Read More ›

For Today’s Downer

I sometimes find it puzzling that some patients don’t have the contact details of their doctors. Ever since hell-owship, all my patients would have my number and social media contacts, and surprisingly I never found it bothersome. They were mostly… Read More ›

Cake Dramarama

I’ve been eating–no, DEVOURING–more food than usual in the past few weeks. I’m not used to eating too much. I hate the feeling of being bloated, as well as the thought that these things are plotting to clog what shouldn’t… Read More ›

Fun Weekend Diversions

Number 4 in today’s list of trending shows on Netflix is No Boyfriend Since Birth directed by Jose Javier Reyes, starring Carla Abellana as Carina and Tom Rodriguez as Carlo. Wedding planner Carina has been secretly in love with campus… Read More ›

Memories of Mojito

I woke up at around 4 am, drenched in sweat, and whined: ang inet! The aircon in my room is as old as tube-type televisions, the sort of ancient appliance that hums and gurgles for a few minutes before releasing… Read More ›

History, P.E., and Maggots

As I was about to start Joel’s chemo I rattled off the laundry list of pertinent symptoms he might have neglected to disclose. Some patients avoid revealing too much, for fear of a chemotherapy cycle getting delayed. This is not… Read More ›