Month: March 2010

All Sorts of Psycho!

My favorite family betamax movie of all time is Back to the Future. Years ago us kids would huddle in my dad’s Batcave, which, indeed, was called Batcave until we had our rickety fire-prone house torn down. The Batcave was… Read More ›

I, Precog

Having spent so much time writing and reading chart entries I now know all the handwritings of all my colleagues in the department, and being in this department, writing loooooooooong entries is the norm. Writing something in less than a… Read More ›

Useless Pieces of Crap!

Finally got around to cleaning my closet, and this time my threshold to throwing things out is at its lowest. Unless the stuff inside is something I could eat, read with pleasure, smoke, or get addicted to RIGHT NOW, it… Read More ›


Saw Thymes this afternoon and she screamed. She screams in glee whenever she sees someone she hasn’t seen in a long time, and although I’ve seen her only yesterday the very packed, busy day and duty night must have made… Read More ›


If you’ve been talking to me for the past few days and I have this huh facial expression it’s because I have a huh reaction to what you were saying, basically because I haven’t been listening. For some cosmic reason… Read More ›

Cosmic Blues

Shalimar recently went home for a visit during her leave from her pediatrics residency in New York, and she’s staying here in the country for ten days. Shalimar is not to be confused with Ditz the Titz, although they were… Read More ›

Splatter, Splatter

And on my face, a blotch of coagulated blood. I don’t know how it got there, all I know is I haven’t checked the mirror for almost an entire day and nobody pointed it out, but there it was, a… Read More ›

Always On My Fucking Mind

“Naaaapakadaming always on my mind,” Smoketh enthused as she scrolled down my song list in my iPod. Indeed there are seven, starting with the version of the original big mama of them all, Brenda Lee, a version that actually rocks…. Read More ›

Attention Test

While sitting in the ambulance parking lot at around 3 pm, after having, er, facilitated an ambulance conduction, with the help of some residents from other departments, obviously it should be a collective effort being a very toxic task at… Read More ›


We finally had the megacode, some sort of practical exam for the ACLS accreditation thing, wherein we would treat the manequin with the fake veins and destroyed foam trachea, and the fun remote-controlled cardiac monitor that could instantly show torsades… Read More ›

Silver Banshee

That morning the ones who shared the callroom with me during the previous duty night would tell me that my 3 alarm clocks have been ringing incessantly for hours on end without eliciting anything but a grunt from me–and that… Read More ›

A Very, Very Thirsty Fetus

As I’ve blathered about two hundred entries ago back in the Friendster blog era, my most frequent dream was going to school and discovering I was nude. This was more common among youngish people than I’ve thought, but as soon… Read More ›