Cosmic Blues

Shalimar recently went home for a visit during her leave from her pediatrics residency in New York, and she’s staying here in the country for ten days. Shalimar is not to be confused with Ditz the Titz, although they were both my service mates back then and are both certified Cabo girls, along with Maan Eych. As interns of that medicine service we specialized in personal and social history.

“Patient is a jeepney driver in QC,” Maan Eych would say.
“Anong RUTA?” Consultant PSHX would challengingly ask.
“He begins in Katipunan passing by UPIS, turns left to UP Diliman through the entrance near the Islamic Studies building, turns right to pass by the shopping center and Kalayaan dormitory…” Maan Eych would respond, crossing her arms in satisfaction with a “HAH!” facial expression.

“Why only ten days?” Frichmond and I asked Shalimar in unison, and Shalimar could only say, “I could only last one weekend without Ben.” Frichmond and I choked on our roti and aspirated some curry sauce.

We are extremely elated for Shalimar and her state of affairs, and to think
that just over a year ago she was blogging about the possibility of owning a cat and being a spinster. But now she is blissfully in love, and we are all excited to attend her wedding and bar mitzvah sometime soon. Truly there is no reason to believe in the concept of lovelessness, as there are many fish in the sea, specifically, in the

“We have to feel that sometime, specialagentfoxmulder,” Frichmond declared, pertaining to the feeling of not lasting for days without someone, as a teardrop rolled down her cheek. “We have to feel that!”
“We have to feel that,” I agreed.
“But not towards each other,” Frichmond clarified.
“Not towards each other,” I zombily echoed.

Which got me thinking, what could I not last a week without (if that convoluted sentence is even right)? Even though I exude the demeanor of a high class, prudish, English gentleman I actually do have some vices, a lot of them, actually, at least one for each sense organ, and I have to indulge them on a regular basis. Because what is the point of living without vices? Truly we will live healthy, long lives, with the approval of our families, friends, and the church, but live long for what? Is lifespan now a competition? Does someone reward us if we die of old age in our 90’s instead of dying from MAP-induced stroke in our 30’s? What is the point of living long? And since we’re on the topic, what is the point of living at all? And since we’re being cosmic, where did life originate? Did it really originate on Oa, or is that the Guardians’ Ultimate Lie? Has everyone been lying to me all this time about the nature of life? If that’s the case, then why can’t we just die? Now? Now that’s an all together different topic, because do we want to die physically, or do we want to die psychically? Is dying psychically equivalent to having locked-in syndrome, or are the two constructs existing in two very different metaphysical planes? Am I just padding this blog with pretentious blabber so it would get longer and see who can endure it?

Welcome back, Shalimar, and an early goodbye once again!

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  1. Willyboy, it is… Uuyyy, interested. . Hindi na namin nakikita si Shalimar kasi lagi nya kasama si Jewish boy.


  2. haha! I loved how you described the Katips' jeep route because I seriously mentally followed it. 🙂 which made me miss the University more. I also think you should be able to fish someone soon. Then, it would just be why can't everybody be as happily in love as me? And there won't (probably) be much about those questions on physically and psychically dying, or whatever you wrote here to make this piece longer. hahahaha! but seriously, I think you would be able to answer those questions about living longer when you already have kids of your own. ;-)good one, my dear.


  3. ANL, yeah and we were extremely elated for shalimar!Ate Kaye, agree, I really think I have to sire some kids soon to lessen the time getting preoccupied with this psychical/physical crap!:)


  4. happy, happy! 🙂 ler rules!


  5. or is lur?


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