Month: July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Last Friday I hurried out of work at around 1pm, and ran to the cinema to watch The Dark Knight Rises! I could have watched on the opening day the previous day, but I realized I haven’t seen The Amazing… Read More ›

Minimum Requirement

One year ago Smoketh, all distressed and visibly shaken at the misfortunes of being a hellow, has asked me how I manage to stay chill. I told her the secret: Just don’t do your best. Your best, as well as… Read More ›


Decades ago in the midst of long-hours of brown outs I would sneak out our katulong’s local comic books and read them with fervor in between my father’s Superman and Legion of Superheroes. One such komiks was Kilabot comics. It… Read More ›


Occasionally I make kulit my patients i haven’t seen for a while and text them a generic text that it would be better if they could follow up and such. I went through my patient directory and then realized: patient… Read More ›