Month: March 2011

Pruning and Popping

Was scrolling through my old blog entries and chanced upon a really old one last year when I was mocking, ridiculing, debasing, and all-around laughing at Smoketh’s state-of-affairs as an unpaid fellow, in particular her poverty. How she would roll… Read More ›

The Ketobora Phenomenon

Back in 2008 when we were first year residents Tessieloopagoop got this perplexing text message from a nurse in the pay floors: “Informing Dr. Ketobora that patient (name) is dyspneic.” This caused a general scratching of the head as no… Read More ›

Plug Stuff With Stuff

And so it was one fateful night that I discovered that music can give you a higher high. You know junkies, they yearn for new, escalating sensation of high with the substances they are addicted to, hence the phenomenon of… Read More ›

A Second Call For Mark!

In the total absence of things to talk about being in the current zombified state of hell-owship, Frichmond, Smoketh, and I started waxing nostalgic. They didn’t have any new, exciting tales of love and unhealthy sex to offer. Nobody was… Read More ›

Positively Providential, Said Smoketh

Smoketh had a rather disheartening experience today in the hospital, hence the five lurs being lurred all at the same time. Truly, positively providential could turn into a negatively…. see, even my alliterative abilities are failing. Positively providential could turn… Read More ›

Premature Whinings

Last graduation each graduate received a fun, tiny Oblation trophy–perfect for endless batch peekchurifications with all sorts of strange/erotic/esoteric poses. Marth V has done peekchurification wonders with all sorts of weird implements in the past, so an Oblation trophy was… Read More ›