Plug Stuff With Stuff

And so it was one fateful night that I discovered that music can give you a higher high. You know junkies, they yearn for new, escalating sensation of high with the substances they are addicted to, hence the phenomenon of autoerotic asphyxiation–which deserves another blog entry–ten blog entries all together. After graduating from my clunky walkman and discman in 2003 I started using my Palm as my personal music player. That was the time when such device was still called Palm Pilot and the Graffiti mode of writing could make you write “fuck” instead of “fuse”. I used some extremely cheap earphones with it, which could be bought in Pedro Gil once a week. Once a week because it could cause all sorts of headache and would malfunction in all sorts of malfunctionification. And so during that fateful night, as what always happens, I fell asleep with the damn earplugs, face down on the pillow, with yet another pillow covering my head–fantasy position for those who want to kill me. I woke up in the middle of the night with Lauryn Hill not singing, but sending direct telepathic music to my brain. What the hellellell I thought, thinking it was some kind of alimpungatan, speaking of which, I’ve been really curious how you could conjugate alimpungatan into a verb.

With much amazement I discovered that I was sleeping with my nose pressed against the earphones, and with  the pillows surrounding my entire head the earphones were sending music directly to my brain through my nostrils up through my coke-damaged cribriform plate and directly to my brain. The joy at the discovery was akin to having discovered by myself for the first time in my hormone-ravaged youth the pleasure of… let’s say playing tetris in our Mitsubishi family computer. I tried it multiple times–I plugged the tiny earphones up my nostrils and covered my ears with some earmuffs and yes–Lauryn Hill, Radiohead, Creedence Coldwater Revival, Alanis, etc were sending telepathic songs directly to my brain. I looked it up on the internet and apparently some other freaks were doing it too, and when I saw what the freaks doing it looked like I felt embarrassed and resorted to some other addiction, preferably one that involves plugging something with something. This is obviously the reason why iPod earbuds are white–so I would feel guilty doing disgusting stuff to it.

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  1. ahooooy. so by accident ang nose-to-earphone mode? AHAHAHAHAHAHA. na naman kami kanina…and there were even more people and we couldn't hide cause their table was in front of us! WTHELELELEELELELLLLL


  2. ewwwwww to think we borrowed your earphones!


  3. Let me try that. Maybe I could get some Lady Gaga inside my brain as well.


  4. BOTD: and for more, 3rd straight RTD tonight,aka P!RTD! right now I'm in SMF204!HTGOF: don't worry, my pristine earbuds go to more nether orifices ahahahahahahahahWalking on Water: Yes mam jean, the key is to have them sing… directly to our brains!


  5. Just bought my first-ever MP3 Player last weekend. Woot! LOL! I love music, but I usually listen to it from the radio or from my laptop. And the motivation for buying it so that I have something to listen to at the gym while doing my workouts.


  6. gasoline dude, it's such a great investment! you should listen to it till it totally wears down!:)g


  7. (nginig) your post just reminded me of a college friend who disliked sharing her earphones but loves to let everyone hear what she has on her player. awkward coz she would ask the person for his/her own earphones every single time.


  8. … and Lauryn doesn't deserve that LOL


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