Month: January 2013


I’ve had my goodbye speech prepared for each patient. It was concise and direct to the point, but not devoid of the genuine sense of farewell. This is because I’ve discovered that patients who had no idea that their doctor… Read More ›

Liner Notes

I know zip about the intricacies of jazz, but I sort of like listening to it. This is due no doubt to the pernicious influence of having watched numerous times one of my favorite movies, The Talented Mr. Ripley, adapted… Read More ›

Be Positive!

Nag ring na ang alarm clock, cellular phone, ipod, at iPad ko ay hindi pa rin ako nagising. Pagtingin ko sa orasan ay laking gulat ko nang makita kong 8:30am na. Nag give-up na lahat ng alarms, at naka limang… Read More ›

General Nastiness

Was asked by Tsutsugamushi to come with them in their Binondo food trip a few weekends ago but I had to decline and when she asked why, I screamed over my dysfunctional cell phone, “Kikimo! KIKIMO!!!” Obviously I meant I… Read More ›

Eclair Pains

In 1997 The Philippine Collegian released a lampoon tabloid issue which contains some of the funniest bits of lampooning I have ever read. It was downhill from there, but at that point I became greatly appreciative of comedic writing. I… Read More ›

The Best Strawberry

I’ve been meaning to finish a short story that has been sitting cold in my hard drive for a few months now, but for some reason I could never get around to doing it. Most probably that reason is that… Read More ›