Month: April 2012

To The Tune Of X

While drinking coffee and laughing over something with Carines, UHBJAW, and the rest of the hellows UHBJAW noticed something kadiri I was doing and admonished me on the spot. “Nagkakapa ka na naman ng kulani mo sa leeg! Huling huli!”… Read More ›

In A Fluox

The annoying thing about sadness is it seems easy to fix–it’s like it’s just in your head so you can probably do things to resolve it–but it’s recurrent. Like cancer. In fact if I hear one more thing about cancer… Read More ›


And to my delight I’ve just discovered that this is my 400th post in This Could Be A Job For Mulder and Scully, ever since I’ve moved from–ahahahaha, Friendster–at the recommendation of Walking on Water! 400 bleeping blog entries, who… Read More ›


In my few months of unwanted hiatus I’ve rummaged through my closet and other nooks and crannies in my room and discovered more–MORE!–trash that if allowed would take over the entire room in a few more years. I have been… Read More ›