Month: May 2011

Grey’s Anatomy

Is a show I’ve never warmed up to. Probably because the first episode I’ve watched, while in the interns’ corner in Rehab Ward with Smoketh, Mrs. T, Roxy, and Len-Len back in 2005, was the one with Meredith Grey craning… Read More ›


The whole day I resolved to be nice. Because it was the probably the best way through. And I was nice. I greeted every patient good morning. I asked them how they felt, even though most of them felt like… Read More ›

Hickam’s Hickie

Neurologist Shipper Jack Knight has made a very interesting commentary on my high-level paranoia that I have all sorts of diseases. “Are you aware of Hickam’s Dictum?” she texted. “It’s sort of the opposite of Occam’s Razor of parsimony. It… Read More ›

Supergirl As A Goo

I am presently geeking out on the Peter David run of Supergirl. For most Supergirl is Kara Zor-El, the cousin of Superman, and that’s also the concept I grew up with, and I really love those 60’s Supergirl stories where… Read More ›

Hoping For A Pene-Kula

Recently my dad has added himself to the group of people asking me to download stuff. Apparently everyone just assumes that I lay in bed all day either staring at the ceiling, whining that it’s so hot, or forming my… Read More ›

Hello, Linda Danvers

Recently asked Benefit of the Daw if she’s friends with Pruit Igot, then realized the tone with which I asked the question so expectedly she asked, “crusheth mo?” I said no of course not, on the contrary I’m asking if… Read More ›


One of my favorite superhero groups of all time is the Legion of Superheroes, particularly their early adventures as told in Adventure Comics in the 60’s, written by John Forte and illustrated by Edmond Hamilton and the magnificent Curt Swan…. Read More ›

Staring Contest, Die

I’ve written a year ago in Smoketh’s prune state that even inanimate objects were sensing her poverty. At her lowest–when she would describe herself as a lowly chesa, something lower than a prune–even the alarms in National Bookstore in Rob… Read More ›