Month: June 2011

The Daw Is Alive.

Smoketh was walking somewhere in PGH a few days ago, and said she saw an intern in scrubs with a frantic look on her face. A frantic look on her face while walking really fast, holding up an X-ray film… Read More ›


If I get rich the first thing I’m going to buy is a secretary. Hire. The first thing I’m going to hire is a secretary. Person. I just suck as hell when it comes to forms and papers and other… Read More ›


“May lecture mamya,” Zombie 4 said while in the OPD. I usually concentrate and try to zone out everything whenever I mix chemicals, for fear I might mix things the wrong way and accidentally create a weird living creature, but… Read More ›

Mulder and Scully Recommend

Our music recommendation for the night is the song Mushrooms and Roses by Janelle Monae from the fantastic album ArchAndroid. I’ve discovered her album while browsing through possible downloads, I mean purchases, a couple of months ago, and I had… Read More ›


In the past month three out of the eight fellows in our section had CT scans done on themselves because after the fifth young person with some form of abdominal malignancy comes in with only some kind of “non-specific abdominal… Read More ›

Overheard in the Elevator

True, you don’t need to actively eavesdrop while in the elevator, except when people are whispering about suspicious activities, but it’s more fun to imagine that you’re eavesdropping, because then you feel like you’re crouching behind some bushes, and you… Read More ›


After getting a haircut what should I see but the longest line for… X-Men First Class! Callistus Netromedev has already seen it and thinks it’s fantastic. Having no money and having to subsist on Wow Ulam I am thinking of… Read More ›

The Sea

is the title of the second album of one of my favorite artists, Corinne Bailey Rae. The Sea–the body of water– ┬áis something you behold, I am not even sure what the verb to behold means but it just seems… Read More ›