Month: August 2010


“We have to watch Cats and Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore,” I declared in the callroom. I still have unresolved issues with the villainous portrayal of cats in the first installment of Cats and Dogs back in 2001 or so,… Read More ›

Blue Form

A few months ago I’ve rammed down Smoketh’s throat a short story I’ve been contemplating on submitting to a well-respected national weekly magazine. It has been years since I’ve written a short story, this blog having usurped any designated daily… Read More ›

Meander Meander Meander

My wonderful JAPOD followed by her next JAPOD and next next JAPOD (their own designations)approached me one morning and asked what time our rounds would be.“Our activity for the day,” I said with much conviction, “is sleep. No rounds today!!!”… Read More ›


While everyone was in bed Cheapo sprang out her brand new camera and said “PEEEEEKCHUR!” Everyone posed, had the picture taken, cried “YEHEY!”, and hurried to check out the peeeeekchur on the camera LCD. The camera was a brand new,… Read More ›

Rots, Sots, or Spoiled.

Boards over! As evidenced in the sudden increase of free tables in coffee shops. Just four years ago (nostalgia, nostalgia, annoying nostalgia, as if it were 80 years ago) at around this time I was quietly squirming and saying of… Read More ›

Sex Cult From Hell

I stopped myself from writing a blog entry predicting that of course our Hidden Valley tour would usher in a huge storm because something could be said about self-fulfilling prophecies, because true enough after writing such a prediction last September… Read More ›