Month: February 2010


Have recently conducted an interns’ oral exams and of course there was the obligatory zooming back to sepia-fied nostalgia, as if it were decades ago. My IM rotation as an intern has always been hugely filled with pure and utter… Read More ›

Gee, Thanks!

Whydoyouhavetobesosarcastic?! But indeed, one huge gee thanks to Daria and Smoketh for filling in for me during my hiatus from writing. I’ve discovered that writing this blog has been a huge time chomper, not to mention that it has totally… Read More ›

stench thesaurus

specialagentfox and i were sitting at gjs when he exclaimed in an unsure tone, “may naaamoy kang mabaho?” nonchalantly, i replied, “meron.” he replied, “ang galing noh, it was just not there a while ago, and then you smell it… Read More ›

Guest Blogger

willy just passed away. just kidding. he attests that he is in the netherlands having sex. with the solitary condom that he has in his black parker bag which he only washes once a year. hence, it is i…the guest… Read More ›


I’ve recently forced Smoketh to read a short story I’ve been planning to submit to a publication, and we’ve both agreed that it’s a sell-out piece, ie, I’m writing out of my personal style (personal style, how pretentious), writing out… Read More ›

Soundtrack and Quotes

For indeed, we must have these to complement our daily experiences. That way we can always have the histrionics of pretending that we are in some great TV drama or a sitcom. Obviously I’m using “we”, when in fact I’m… Read More ›


Yes, the Taylor Swift album! Saw the Grammys in the callroom and we thought it was just the sordid airconlessness that was causing us to hallucinate, but we weren’t hallucinating, Fearless indeed is Album of the Year for 2009! The… Read More ›


Smoketh has recently noted that I’ve been in a very foul mood with a general hatred for everything. General Hatred For Everything, of course, is a better term for Negativity, which I’ve always–tee-hee–hated. There’s something about the term that reeks… Read More ›

Agitate the Aardvark

A few weeks ago I was having severe abdominal pain. Hah! And you thought I couldn’t milk this non-event any further. Well I would milk it, scrape the bottom of the barrel, agitate the aardvark, and such– much to your… Read More ›


The day of JD’s death at least 5 people texted me to break the news. Obviously I’m not talking about JD-Lu–he is very much alive, posting ECG’s of the Week and other intellectually stimulating stuff. For some reason people felt… Read More ›