The This Could Be A Job For Mulder and Scully Yearbook!

And since we want to think of them as people and not mere characters in this cesspool of a blog, I present to you another entry in The This Could Be A Job For Mulder and Scully Yearbook!

Neurologist Shipper Jack Knight- NSJK possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of the X-Files, as she can recite Dana Scully’s soliloquy in Momento Mori while looking at her CT scan showing brain mets from NPCA! NSJK is responsible for my mental health, as not only is she the only one with whom I can have a conversation about Talitha Cumi, Fresh Bones, and Leonard Betts, but also because she has provided me with a box of generic fluoxetines! NSJK has recently found love, and I find it quite delightful that one of the things that outed this bliss is… an Action Figure Convention! And how many things can be described as “quite delightful”, unless you’re in an Agatha Christie novel sipping tea with your little finger up? NSJK is probably one of the most difficult pseudonyms to decipher, as she has numerous identities in this blog!

Marth V- Marth is probably one of the most decent guys I know, always being nice about everything and always offering his seat to ladies and stuff, which is why women fling themselves at him, aside from the fact that he has the smashing good looks of the celebrity T.A., star of the Mike De Leon classic Itim. Very fitting that he should possess an encyclopedic knowledge of local showbiz, having memorized which actress is from the Tuesday or Wednesday Group and such.Indeed, Marth is very decent, and we know what they say about decent people, yes, the one about them probably having some dark, sordid secret and leading a secret life! Marth is currently on his leave, and we awaiteth for his return, as for the past two years everytime he comes back from his leave we always note… a post-coital look!

Vampirella- has recently reliquished her position during our Barangay Health Worker meeting in L’Caraz Beach Resort! I’ve known Vampirella since college, and she has collaborated with me multiple times in our attempts at literary fame back then. I owe Vampirella a piece of drama, as back then during my abdominal pain episodes she was the one I had to wake-up just so she could witness me stabbing myself with pain meds!

JD-Lu- we owe for his ability to propagate continued interest in undergoing specialty training in this department, ie, he has brought an X-Box. And we, er, use our personal power generator for this, of course. Unbeknownst to all of you, JD-Lu is not only extremely wealthy, being the proud owner of L’Caraz Beach Resort in Batangas, but he is also very influential and all-around powerful. He is one of the triumvirate who has created the UP Psychology organization Pugad Sayk back in 1999 or 2000. He has been our Liaison Officer in Psychiatry forever during med school. You can whine to him, tell him what you want to happen, and it will happen. Most importantly, he has an X-Box. Thank you, JD-Lu, I actually have the desire to come to work at times just so I could defeat you all in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Superheroes using Batman or Wonder Woman. But Catwoman sucks, I can’t even get that whip out. Catwoman sucks, JD-Lu, can’t you do something about it?

Uni-Horned Beefjerky Alanis Devil Whore- is just one of her myriad of identities. She can also be the Nude Red Gollum-Tiyanak Hybrid Climbing Mount Doom,or the Magic Kamison Pepsi Paloma Lite Biting At A Titillating Twig. She can also be a pure evil Manananggal, or an Emasculating Tennis Player With Broad Shoulders on Which I Could Rest My Weak Un-Macho Chin. She is the most powerful person on the planet, and not just because she has a powerful falsetto OPD voice that can traverse all 3 rooms! She is the proud owner of Levemir and Apidra, who can now do backflips and such.

That ends our TCBAJFMAS Yearbook entry for today! Next up, B’Wana Beast, Greatest Evil of All, Mortuary Max, and… The Devil!

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2 replies

  1. Who's alanis whore? And vampirella?


  2. hi mam jean, unihorned beef jerky alanis whore is just one of the many identities of… pam patdu!


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