Month: January 2010

Sepia on Sertraline

After not having been in our favorite non-showbiz secluded coffee shop for a few days the barista was apparently very elated to see me. We haven’t even exchanged a smile before, but when he saw me, he flashed a wide… Read More ›

Bile Dripping Fetish

As I was strapped down the OR table I told myself that I would test how strong I am in resisting the powers of general anesthesia. Come to think of it, I wasn’t even strapped, but it feels good and… Read More ›


Attended a few weeks back the wedding of a good friend, Hatchett, with Dan Mike, who is an excellent and extremely fun dude. Hatchett of course is a nickname, one of my most successful nicknaming attempts ever, as parents of… Read More ›

Scream Louder, Dave Matthews

The thing with spending so much time schizoiding and eating and blogging by my lonesome is that I get to eavesdrop so much. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s loud, sometimes it’s erotic–I mean exotic, I mean the conversations are exotic… Read More ›

Guts and Blood

A few years back I would crap in my pants whenever I would get this message from The Man–“Please proceed to the office now”–because I would automatically anticipate that there were only three things I could be told. #1: You… Read More ›


Have been whining to Smoketh about the false sense of entitlement of being a “senior”. “Senior”. Yuck. And just for being two years ahead in this bleeping program. Now the “kids” are asking me stuff I have no idea about… Read More ›


Thymes has recently been interviewed for a fellowship subspecialty. Obviously she will get in. She is currently in Cebu recuperating from dengue, but she can study in her sleep. She has a telepathic connection to the writers of Harrison’s who… Read More ›

2010. Hah!

Wow, 2010. Who would have thought, right? Back then while playing Hanabishi Family Computer—that useless piece of crap!!!—I’ve thought that in twenty or so years we would have teleportation machines and flying saucers and such. But what do we have?… Read More ›