Month: May 2009

Unto You I Barf

Was trying to clean my closet a couple of weeks back, and I discovered that this time I have an extremely lower threshold for throwing things away than I used to have the last time I had a major clean-up… Read More ›

One Of Those Entries

I don’t know when the concept of sluggishness was birthed, but it has definitely gone into prominence in the past one and a half years. Sluggishness, for you hyperactive, never-tiring academic bunch, is that state that treads the fine line… Read More ›

Fiction: Smoketh

Smoketh was annoyed at the world. If you discover your cat rubbing his body against somebody else’s leg you’d be annoyed too. It doesn’t matter that the cat is just making pahid his body grime, Smoketh wanted that touch. Exclusively…. Read More ›

Photo Op on Drugs

As blog fodder, I will now self-indulgently post some photos of my beloved figs, much to your dismay. To start with… the Trinity!!!Noticeably they are all hot now– big muscles, the whitest skin, the strongest jaws, the most enormous boobs…. Read More ›

Inviting HIV

I rarely go somewhere far for vacations basically due to lack of funds, and my goal is to be walking-on-water-solitary-trip-to-Batanes level, but for this leave, which will end in a couple of days, I went to Baguio because the sun… Read More ›

Damn Too Many Doctors

All the other guys in the batch had their trahe de boda, I mean barong tagalong, made by Menchu, some popular designer in Tagaytay. She went all the way to our callroom from Tagaytay, and as she was checking her… Read More ›