Set Up A Bleeping Cheese Trap, Lloydie, and Other Things

1. The Blackest Night. Counting down the seconds (again, with that annoying hyperbolic expression) till this finally commences in July. There are now 7 existing lantern corps in the universe– The Green Lanterns (will power), The Yellow Lanterns (fear), The Red Lanterns of Rage, The Blue Lanterns of Hope, The Violet Lanterns of Love (actually, it’s pink. It’s the Star Sapphires!), the mysterious Indigo Lanterns of Compassion, and my favorite, The Orange Lanterns of Avarice. All together now: MINE! MINE! MINE! The Blackest Night will see the birth of the Black Lanterns, composed of…. the dead characters of the DC Universe!!! Woooh! Woooh indeed.

2. Last week, the finale of Survivor: Tocantins. Fun but rather predictable season, with JT being everyone’s bet from the beginning. He’s this season’s male version of Elisabeth and better-looking version of Rupert. During the finale I’ve realized as Jeff teased the next Survivor season (Samoa) that it would be the 19th season (2 seasons per year) of the show! And realized with much guilt that… I’ve watched all of them. Indeed. And for the record, the worst was that All-Stars crap in 2004.

3. Star Trek rules. Going into it I couldn’t totally count myself a fan, my little knowledge being limited to what I’ve read in those Sci-Fi/Paranormal magazines (in search of X-Files articles), the few classic episodes I’ve watched in channel 5 twelve years ago, and from what I’ve heard from Smoketh, the one true Trekkie. So I went in not totally counting myself a fan, and came out of the theater all misty and converted. That last scene where each character is being focused by the camera as Kirk finally takes the captain’s ship is the Star Trek version of Batman perched on top of a Gargoyle or something at the end of each Batman movie. I envy long-time hardcore fans–I got myself all messy being just a casual viewer, so I can only imagine what it must have been like for them. Seizures, I tells ya–seizures indeed.

4. Still in the movies, saw Angels and Demons with TT and HIV. I remember having read that in my PDA back in February 2005 during Surgery clerkship while Roxy and I were at the ER, but I’ve totally forgotten the plot. I’ve totally forgotten, for instance, that there is this whole thing about Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. This is all well and good, except for the fact that they’ve forgotten the most important element of all: Heart. What, Mati’s Planeteer ring is not important? It enables him to talk to squirrels and narwhals! All together now… HEART!!!! (blook blook blook)

5. And in what passes for the real world, no one can seem to get enough of this earth-shattering issue, what with all the shows in all the channels talking about this issue and any aspect remotely related to it that can be exploited. And since no one seems to be getting saturated, and since I want to test if this blog will show up in search engines after these keywords are typed, then let me just say:

hayden hayden hayden, katrina katrina katrina, hayden katrina hayden katrina hayden katrina senate senate senate sex video sex video sex video sex video prc prc prc medical license medical license fuck fuck fuck i’m the victim but i’m a victim too no i’m the victim no I’M the victim here.

6. And back in the more real real life, I’m starting to notice a lot of… strangeness. The quiet ones are now threatening to get violent towards a certain… collectively reviled person, error-detection is claiming a lot of heads, a lot of people are having diarrhea, and I always hear some scary squeaking behind Lloydie’s table. Set-up a cheese trap darn it!

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  1. sa sobrang excited ni leonard, kelangan nya mag anti-seizure meds before watching star trek! natuwa naman daw sya.. bakit puro sex scandal ang news dyan?!!!! miss ka namin willy boy!


  2. oo nga, umabot na sa senate. Haha. Wemishoo abe and len len!


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