Murder Mystery in CI

Not really a murder mystery, but I’ve been perusing through my old Hercule Poirot stories and it’s just fun when he screams, in David Suchet voice, of course, “MURDER!”

The mystery I’m referring to in this instance is, of course, the sudden disappearance for more than twenty-four hours now necessitating a search and rescue operation… of the interns’ Cancer Institute logbook! That precious logbook, containing endless thrills in the form of your intern stalkees’ cell phone numbers, those puerile but fun doodles, and most importantly, the much treasured ever-growing list of residents and fellows nominated to be cast down to hell in a form of a really fugly effigy washed in gasoline to be burned–BURNED!!!–come the ceremonious May 1 Sunog! I might be one of the suspects, being a fixture in the building and stuff, except that I know that I’m not in the evolving Sunog list, because I know, I know, because… I’ve taken a peek! While the intern-on-duty was busy inserting an IV line to a totally veinless chemo-fied dehydrated patient!!! Now I’m implicating myself more!!! AHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!!

I didn’t do it. And I wasn’t on the list not because I’m totally lovable, but because… nobody knows who we are! Because we’re just these expressionless, zombified Hellows lugging around chemicals and stuff who only have one thing in our minds: when can I go home. AHAHAHHAH. AHAHAHAAHAH!!!!

So there. Now that I’ve totally ruled myself out maybe the right suspects would be fingered. I’m not even sure if the verb “fingered” is right, it doesn’t sound right, in fact it sounds totally bastos, I’m just translating directly from Tagalog, ie, turo. Obviously I am writing this in the event that something bad happens to me, because I know, I know….. The List.

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  1. Grabe sino kaya yon? Thrice na daw nanakaw intense! :))I happen to like hercule poirot even though he looks like an egg (or sa imagination ko lang ba yon hahaha)


  2. You should keep all those logbooks from year nineteenkopongkopong onwards and make a book out of them.Pera din yun. 🙂


  3. lagi naman ata nananakaw at this time of the year. expect it to reappear sometime soon. in fact I believe it was not stolen…but simply taken……by the ghosts in CI! ahahahahahahaahahaha.


  4. But helliza it has been stolen not one, not two, but three times already! Never yata nawala yung CI logbook namin but it's gone now. Haha sinunog.


  5. Allison: I also watch the BBC TV movies (c/o Star World before and now, Torrents!), ang galing ni David Suchet, egg na egg talaga!Ma'am Jean: Sulat ka na ulit!BOTD: walang ghost sa CI! (although hinding hindi ako tumitingin sa mga salamin sa wall!)


  6. ahahahaha.aliker:malay mo chinecheck din nila kung sino na leading! ahahaha. i'm sure jinekjek yun ng mga laging andoon. at hindi ikaw yun SAFM! yung mga nakaputi! ahahahaha.SAFM:meron kaya. pati yung nawawalang room sa gitna ng CI pagka gabi na. ahoooooy.


  7. Anong jinekjek?? At anong missing room?!?!?!?!?


  8. jinekjek= ninakaw! ahahaha. already told you about sukob room ahaha


  9. Jinekjek just sounds really wrong. Hahahaha


  10. Agree baka mali ang akala mo sa meaning ng jinekjek botd! It sounds so bastos at ako na to


  11. well jinekjek came from our dear blockmate who coined it from the term dekwat….but made it becky-fied into….jekwat…and dahil mahaba evolved to jekjek!AHAHAHAHAHA. at talagang may history pa! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


  12. Na itago natin sa pangalang… Claud gay etta!


  13. August pa yung huling CI duty ko. di na ulit ako nakakita ng CI logbook. That time nakadalawang palit na.IM na ako this christmas. WOOHOO! HAHAHAHA!


  14. speaking of which, asan na kaya si claud?!?JayR- lapit na pala. enjoy IM!


  15. expressionless, zombified Hellows lugging around chemicals and stuff who only have one thing in our minds: when can I go home. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


  16. claud will be on the other side of wards 1 and 3 come january….curing kids. ahahaha. 🙂


  17. claud will be on the other side of wards 1 and 3 come january….curing kids. ahahaha. 🙂


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