Month: April 2010

Childhood Trauma

Mrs. Therese has recently dragged me to Charles and Keith, that bright, shiny store in Rob selling expensive shoes with all sorts of glittery contraptions and buttons and stuff. In a totally reprehensible lookist manner I asked Mrs. Therese, if,… Read More ›

Poverty Reigns Supreme

Upon reading my derisive entry on her abject poverty Smoketh has declared that it doesn’t matter if she’s poor now, she knows she will get rich very, very soon. Also, she proclaims that she may be sleeping under a bridge… Read More ›

Poverty Rules!!!

Er, I mean, poverty sucks. Because truly life is already hard as it is, having to deal with the prospect of dying in a few years from cancer, the very real tendency of losing one’s temper and killing someone and… Read More ›


Had I known that this field would require too much thinking I would have probably pushed through with my initial career option of being an action figure cabinet arranger/decorator, yes, truly we can invent careers, because I have a special… Read More ›

We Want Them Veneers

Wow, people are really waifing up. The still on going Internal Medicine Biggest Loser is turning out to be quite a doozy, as we are enjoying seeing previously plump people turn into total waifs, and it would have been totally… Read More ›


My hypergraphia is sometimes useful, as I am always being approached by our good friends to write speechifications for the souvenir programs of our fund raising activities and such. I would never comply, except that the prospect of writing for… Read More ›

Shrinking Violet– Salu Digby!!

Six years ago– SIX!!!—everyone has somehow tapped into some weird crazy mutant weltenschauung (sp?) and had the infernal collective thought to invoke something called BRP, ie, brief reactive psychosis, ie, to instantly transform from a perfectly sane person into a… Read More ›


Phony adventuristic tibak mode over! As Smoketh has so succinctly pointed out, UP Diliman days are over, there is no point speaking in such strained Filipino, I’ve just been making it difficult to read. It is indeed sad, but the… Read More ›

Wiggle and Wooh

Went to church in our town last Palm Sunday and noted I haven’t been to church for quite a while. I looked around and didn’t know anyone, the priest I’ve seen only for the second time, and there were all… Read More ›


Ewan ko ba, nagising na lang ako bigla kaninang umaga at naisip ko na magsulat na ulit ng blog, parang ang tagal na rin kasi. Oo na, parang nung isang linggo lang naman ako huling nagsulat, pero dahil may sakit… Read More ›