Poverty Reigns Supreme

Upon reading my derisive entry on her abject poverty Smoketh has declared that it doesn’t matter if she’s poor now, she knows she will get rich very, very soon. Also, she proclaims that she may be sleeping under a bridge and wearing rags right now, but truly, no one can take away her breeding. What breeding, I asked her. With her chin up glistening as the sunlight hit her face she said, and to quote without any additions or hyperbole, “no one can take away my ability to speak impeccable English, my fine taste in clothes, and my over all demeanor as an alta sociedad.” True, Smoketh, but I did catch you a few days ago pulling a patient’s tray of food, screaming, “No! It’s MINE!” Indeed, even the National Bookstore anti-theft sensor things sense Smoketh’s poverty. Upon walking right past them they blared out wildly and everyone in the vicinity gave her an evil look.

For the past week Smoketh has been saved from total hunger by two things: free hotel food and food PF’s from patients. I accused with much meanness that she might just be pretending to be nice to her patients, giving them all sorts of pharmacologic, non-pharmacologic, anticipatory, and post-anticipatory advice as if each consult were a graded OSCE, and even doing a complete SCREEM evaluation with genograms at that, just so the patients would think she’s nice and give her food. See, if you really want to be mean you can do it. But in fact I’m only subjecting Smoketh to this verbal abuse only because I know for a fact that she’s not poor, in fact, she’s a total bourgeoisie (sp). I went to her house a few years ago and it has a moat, all sorts of antique canons, a maze of stairs, and such.

Smoketh’s sort of poverty has reminded me of a movie I saw in HBO some ten years ago about Bill Paxton and his wife and his simple-minded brother finding loads of cash from some plane crash or something. Wife didn’t want to return the money, because she no longer wanted to “pass up on the soups, salad, and desserts”. Which reminds me, since when did people become too finicky with eating? Smoketh and I have enumerated that a complete meal would compose of: soup, salad, appetizer, main entree, dessert, coffee, post-coffee mints, smoke, intra-smoke mints, post-smoke mints, and finally, water. Daaaamn you, poverty, damn you to hell!

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  1. SCREEM!APGAR! hahaha.naalala ko ang time na binigyan ko kayo ni ate smoketh ng curly tops…i think hahanapin ko kayo bukas! ahaha. BUTH PACU ako till forever. boooo.


  2. i know ahahaha humingi pa kami paisa-isa until you got the hint na gusto namin kainin ang BUONG BOX and you got the hint at binigay mo sa amin ang ALL ahahahaha


  3. OMG Willy. Hindi ko pa tapos yung 1st paragraph, naiisip ko na yung moat sa bahay ni smoketh. Tapos binaggit mo sa 2nd paragraph! Oh yes, talagang may breeding yang si Smoketh.At nakalimutan mo na ba ang uniformed maids? 😉 Totoong Alta!!


  4. abe navarro, hahaha ang galing mo, how could i possibly forget about the uniformed maids who stand in wait behind Smoketh as she gorged on hors d' ouvres and pata tim hahaha


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