We’re Tumbling Down, We’re Spiralling

Back then I used to keep a multi-folded brown envelope, with the label “Concert Emergency Fund”. I would stash money in it once in a while, gripped with the fear that anytime some act I like would hold a concert here  and I would have to fork over a huge amount. I’ve only used it once, back in 1999 when Alanis Morissette performed in Folk Arts Theater. This was the era of her 2nd album, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, which was not as popular as Jagged Little Pill. The 1996 Manila leg of Jagged Little Pill, the “Can’t Not Tour” in 1996 I missed, because Alanis was insanely popular then. We were in 4th year high school during that first tour, and while in Physics class Paco murmured that she knew how to get tickets.

“I know he’s blood but you can still t
urn him away you don’t
owe him anything!”- Front Row 

“Eto, tawagan mo sya,” Paco whispered as she slipped a piece of paper. She didn’t have to whisper, but there was added fun in the cloak-and-daggerness of it all. We imagined someone would just swoop in and grabbed the paper with its secret contents. “May makukuha kang ticket dyan.” Written on it was a landline number and the word “scalper”. That night I furiously called the number, and, not knowing what “scalper” was then asked, “Hello, is this Scalper?” I wasn’t able to get a ticket, but we were able to watch Alanis Live in Manila in 1999. It was a fantastic concert. My cousin and I said this concert would totally rock and we would sing along with the obscure songs along with the rockiest audience ever. This was slightly spoiled by the fact that we were sitting beside a family, with the 8-year old girl with a Winnie The Pooh backpack making bored grunts and covering her ears beside me. Maybe she thought she was in a concert of The Moffats.

Now I wish I’ve maintained a Concert Emergency Fund. Because who should be coming in October but… Keane! I’ve liked Keane the minute I’ve heard Tom Chaplin wail “The laaaaaaast time!” in a commercial in Studio 23 back in 2005. Hopes and Fears is an excellent first album, Under The Iron Sea is their token darker, less poppish sophomore outing, but my favorite is Perfect Symmetry. They’ve recently released Strangeland, which is probably not as fantastic but a worthy follow-up nonetheless. As soon as I’ve learned of the concert I’ve started asking people to watch with me.
“Isa lang ang alam kong kanta nila,” RD Lugo said.
“Ano nga ba yung mga kanta nila?” asked Uni-Horned Beef Jerky Alanis Whore.
“Iba pa ba yan kay Keana Reeves?” was the question of Thymes.
Still searching, but will watch it by myself, even in the bleachers, if I have to!

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  1. The who is keane?! Mygod your music taste! I was waiting for you to mention maroon 5 or something!! Binuild up mo e tapos biglang keane!


  2. The glee crowd might know them as the band who sang \”Somewhere Only We Know\” ahahahhahahaha


  3. i loooooove keane!!!! pakinggan mo htgof!!!!! it's so nega + emo for more. ahahahaha


  4. ahahahahhha maganda di ba BOTD nakakalungkot pakinggan


  5. we're watching! 🙂


  6. Toby! Pag wala akong makasama sa vicinity will make sabit ha ahahahahahhahh


  7. Hahahahah! Nakabili na kami ng tix e. Chineck ko ngayon, pwede ka pa malapit samin, pero 8 seats apart. Haha!


  8. mahal pala yung seats nyo, so will probably just wave down at you… from the bleachers! ahahahahah


  9. sabi ko kay rex bigyan ka na ng pera e. hahaha! sige, Upper B 417 kami, kaway-kaway na lang. haha! 😀


  10. Haha just read botd's comment so i finally youtubed keane…(haha and i just read your other blog about it and was like yeah kebs whoever). Anyways youre right botd. Para siyang tatay ng the script at second cousin ni sade. Hahaha. Pag dumating ang the script sa pinas!!!! Emergency bank account ito! We gotta watch that! Front row! Bam!


  11. ayos pa album art ng perfect symmetry sir. haha! (sobrang delayed post)di ako nakapanood dahil wala akong pera! hahahay!


  12. HTGOF: Magaling nga sila. Dapat pag dumating ang the script ay may regular na sahod na ako ahahahah. JR: Pinautang lang ako dyan ng first year resident and deal-finder extraordinaire na si helliza. Malaki kasi ang sweldo nila. Kayo na yun sa january! Congrats!


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