Month: September 2012

I Don’t Know

Back in the days, way back in the days, during morning endorsements we would cower in our seats as the all mighty residents walked around the room brandishing their cat-o-nine tails and wearing knee high leather boots and fishnet stockings…. Read More ›

Better Than This…

… is a song from Keane’s 3rd album Perfect Symmetry. Obviously I’m still all worked up at the prospect of Keane holding a concert in Manila, at quite embittered that I couldn’t drag anyone to watch it with me, so… Read More ›


Everyone I know who’s ever been to Thailand has been to Patpong. So while my real goal was to see The Reclining Buddha only because it was the backdrop of Sagat’s battles in Street Fighter II, I, along with Uni-Horned… Read More ›

A Year And A Half Hence

Back in December 2010 during the fellowship applications period we had everything planned out, and Mrs. T was starting to read up on this drug strangely named bevacizumab, which I would sometimes mispronounce as vebazicumav (who the heck comes up… Read More ›


While… eating sushi in a remote corner after the grueling ride at The Floating Market I struck a conversation with a pinoy couple also eating sushi in that remote corner. The guy was a family medicine practitioner and his wife… Read More ›


I have no culture, in the way that people define the concept nowadays. So when Smoketh proclaimed that she had free tickets for a Repertory Philippines production of the “Wizard of Oz” in Makati I said yes. We don’t turn… Read More ›