A Year And A Half Hence

Back in December 2010 during the fellowship applications period we had everything planned out, and Mrs. T was starting to read up on this drug strangely named bevacizumab, which I would sometimes mispronounce as vebazicumav (who the heck comes up with these names). And then something happened. Mrs. T just woke up one morning and decided she no longer wants to pursue a career where she would have to deal with masses and deaths. While eating siopao in the then-existing college canteen Mrs. T approached me and said she would have to tell me something.

“BUNTIS KA?!?” I blurted out as bits of asado shot out of my nose and splattered on her forehead. Of course she wasn’t pregnant, it was just my impulse every time she gets all serious and stuff. And then she told me. To quote her: “Gusto ko na lang maggamot ng mga lolo at lola na masakit ang tuhod.” It was sad, of course, as Mrs. T and I have been blockmates since college way back in 1997. After milking for sympathy and guilt and unleashing a barrage of self-abandonment issues I told her that it is what it is, but I think you’re making the wrong decision.
And now, a year and half hence, after a longish contemplation on whether it would be time to finally hang down my head in shame, it is indeed with much shame that I tell Mrs. T if she could read this: “You were right! BY GOLLY GEE YOU WERE RIGHT! GETMEOUTTAHERE!!!!!” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAH!
Too much bleeping deaths and other horrific things.

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  1. You know whos right? Your pedia who told you not to take medicine! Giggle…


  2. di ba ahahahahhahahahhaha tama talaga sya sinulat na nga nya and all di pa rin ako naniwala ahahahhahaa


  3. so itching to tell you \”I.T.Y.S.!!\” but I guess am also dealing with death but without the masses. Inevitable fact of life. I'm happy where I am (heehee) but would be so much happier I guess, if you had swallowed your pride then and joined me in the notion of treating lolas and lolos with painful tuhods. \”Mag-rheuma ka na lang!\” I said and you replied \”Harruuummpphh!\” just to spite me! Hahaha!


  4. 7ako din. ayooooooooooooko na!!! I thought it will just be sprinkles of horror, but it has become cumulative. buti na lang supportive sa kin ang nanay ko PLUS may brillian idea pa sya, \”ano ba yan?! wag na yan, kumuha ka na lang ibang fellowship\” ahahahahahhahaha.


  5. ahihihi. natawa ako sa kwento ni mrs. T. dahil dati diba sabi mo if magrheuma ka ay magiging para kang tigabitbit ng bag! haha. dibale…matatapos na kaya kayo. and then kayo na nitetext ng mrodification of the best referrals you can get in pay….admitted for chemotx! heehee. carry out admitting orders! woooooooooo.


  6. @Mrs. T, i know. dahil dyan marami akong nirefer sa inyo. konting sakit ng tuhod, REFER TO RHEUMA! konting joint creaking… REFER TO RHEUMA! AHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH@UHBJAW, but we would never have learned about regression otherwise, right? RIGHT?@BOTD, oo nga, for more dahil magaganda ang mga rheuma ngayon alalay talaga ako na tiga-dala ng bag.


  7. aaack… i wikipedia-d logit. may mga wikipedia articles rin pa lang mahirap intindihin.


  8. ahahahha well ang dami kong nakulektang coins sa zombie tsunami during logit ahahahha


  9. how did you collect it? forward and backward?????


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