Month: September 2009


For some reason the batch assigned Djanah and me to come up with the activities for the overnight batch outing last year. Djanah and I of course didn’t prepare anything. Off we went to Subic, and of course there was… Read More ›


How I suck at them. All those questions that look nowhere familiar, all those choices that look the same. It doesn’t matter that the multiple choices render a small percentage of getting it right, if I pick something randomly it’s… Read More ›


TT recently pointed out that I could have probably finished an entire volume of Harrison’s if I’ve read it instead of all those thousands of comic books under my belt. Wrong, TT, wrong. I could have read BOTH volumes of… Read More ›

Comic Con Carne

In the middle of roundsing at 10 am, this text message from Agent Orange Larfleeze: I’m already in Mega Mall for the Comic Convention. Ako pa lang ang tao. Can you refresh me on the story of The Orange Lanterns?… Read More ›

Simple Annoyances Part 2

Because truly, if we could derive happiness from, let’s say, a rock, then we also deserve to derive annoyance and throw a major tantrum from, let’s say, a whiny person. So here goes: 1. All these charger wires entangling with… Read More ›