Month: November 2010

No Tearing Asunder

Residency is done–DONE!!!–in a couple of weeks, unless of course I do something stupid, like get caught having sex behind a post or order something really weird like fleet enema every hour, with acid. In the first few months and… Read More ›

Cat Lantern of Rage

While scheduling for ambulance conduction in APL (Ambulance Parking Lot) Smoketh and I saw one of the sleeping cats wake up, then do the most wonderful backstretch/ikyad/contortion. He then smelled the shoes in the vicinity then slept again. I tried… Read More ›


Before residency started three years ago we were told by a fellow that we would see ten-years worth of cases in just three years, but we would also age ten years faster. Back in med school I would still be… Read More ›

Butangera Zombies

Was in a state of BRP yesterday–yes, BRP is so 2004, and when I told some of my clerks a few months ago, “Nag-BBRP ka na ba?” I was admonished that BRP has officially been replaced with some B-something in… Read More ›

Harry Potpot

Because I ran to the movie listing for the week and you know what’s showing? Harry Potter. In ALL cinemas. I think except for one cinema in Robinson’s, which is showing some obscure unremarkable movie I can’t remember. I’ve learned… Read More ›


Alas dose y medya na ng umaga, at sa kasulukuyan nanonood si Titi (AKA Tits) at si Renrererenrenren ng DVD ng Just Like Heaven. Ako naman nakahiga at nag totoggle ng tatlong windows: internet, Supergirl digital comic book, and Harrison’s–… Read More ›


And we henceforth generate more butangera memories. Massive thanks to HTGOF, who is presently riding a gondola, critiquing nude male statues, and slurping spaghetti all at the same time somewhere in Europe for bringing to the present consciousness the wonderful… Read More ›

Grand Pronouncements

You know what I’m talking about: speakers saying stuff in front like “If only one of you would go home and take the message of my talk to heart and start strict hand washing, then I would have done my… Read More ›

Bipolar Haikufication

So no intern or clerk is still able to present the complete history and one-month course of a patient in haiku format. The very few who attempt/make patol are able to dish out elegant, cute haikus, but the content is… Read More ›

Give Me Palahoho

For some reason the crap I blog about usually pop in my head while lurring alone in our balcony watching at our drunken neighbor do really weird stuff while proudly wearing his bright orange Sta. Rosa City Jail t-shirt, or… Read More ›