Month: November 2010

Submitted For Your Approval

There are so many reasons why I get to sleep very late at night and waking up in the morning is torture: writing some non-medical crap, facetime, Voltage with Smoketh, comic book reading marathon, organizing computer files endlessly, just to… Read More ›

Recurrence. Of Cancer!

The cancer that is Harrison’s Freakazoidness that is. For a time after the kalbaryo that was orals everyone just started lounging around reading comic books (me), downloading porn (HIV), studying the Bible (Tits), reading novels (Renrererenrenrenren), smooching (Marth V and… Read More ›

Bridget Fonda

As Smoketh and I were standing in the rain hoveled under 1 tiny umbrella it came to our attention that tonight’s lotto jackpot is 400 million pesos. Nothing big, just… 400 million pesos! This is a lot of money even… Read More ›


“Who’s in charge of patient 12?” I asked as I raided the clerks’ callroom. “Nasa ward po. Yung kamuka ni Jestoni Alarcon,” the clerkies said in unison. I ran to the ward and saw Jestoni Alarcon in the flesh taking… Read More ›