Ahahahahahahaha–Ahuhuhuhuhuhu–More Lithium!

Was facetiming, reading digital Legion of Superheroes, occasionally peeking at digital Harrison’s, downloading more Twilight Zone, watching Superman Returns, and organizing my folder “Failed Literary Aspirations” all at the same time while sitting by myself in The Shrine MF1 when popped came BOTD’s queries. And as what always happens when BOTD pops up to facetime I close all the open windows and type multiple AHAHAHAHA’s in the message box. For this particular facetime BOTD was quite in the zone as she was multitasking herself– right that moment she was watching The Watchmen on HBO, cooking pancit canton with one hand, and washing clothes with the other. And typing AHAHAHAHA’s with yet another hand. She had a few queries, and I am the right person to ask!

BOTD: Sino tong may smiley face na may dugo na nakakatakot?
Me: The Comedian!
BOTD: Sino yung may mga inkblot sa muka na nakakatakot?
Me: Rorschach.
BOTD: Sino yung blue na nag-goglow na nakakatakot?
Me: Dr. Manhattan!
BOTD: Nandito pala yung babae sa Xena!
Me: Wala! Wala si Lucy Lawless dyan!

And I went on to give my insights on the movie’s superhero de-constructive undertones and gave some sort of background on what it was all about and the general atmosphere at the time when Alan Moore was…

BOTD: Pinakasinauna ang mga kanta! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!

Still on the superhero business, so this is your last chance to stop reading if these sorts of things bore you, Dark Knight helmer Christopher Nolan is finally on board to flesh out the new Superman movie, and while this movie would obviously be in good hands I am still sad– saddeth, for more– that Routh is no longer in the running as the movie would be a reboot because Superman Returns was deemed a failure. Why. I initially found it to be a bore, but in the greater scheme of things (talagang dapat may pretentious pa-effect na ganito), upon repeated watching Superman Returns is a great, underrated movie and I still get weepy and crap when he makes that soliloquy in the end in front of his kid:

“You’ll be different. Sometimes you’ll feel like an outcast, but you’ll never be alone. You will make my strength your own, you’ll see my life through your eyes and your life you’ll see through mine. The son becomes the father, and the father becomes the son.”

Oo, hindi ako naiiyak sa mga mass murders and usual family dramas and love stories and such, but I bawl over these sorts of things. AHUHUHUHUHUHU. But as I told BOTD, it’s much much easier and faster to type AHAHAHAHAHAH compared to AHUHUHUHUHUHUH. And that’s our insight for the day, nothing compared to the Didache of Smoketh, but Smoketh’s wisdom is incomparable. And now Supes is flying in the final scene and I’m getting all misty and crap again.

Mooore lithium!

Check-out BOTD’s fantastic blog at : http://benefitofthedaw.blogspot.com. For more!

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2 replies

  1. i knew it that was my last jumping jacks in smoketh's blog. ahuhuhu. try lang. it's the sama kaya!!!


  2. mas mahirap ang ahuhuhuhu. you know why? it's because of the one hand vs two hand method. pag nagtype ka ng ahahahaha. mas mabilis kasi two hands. buth yung ahuhuhu. one hand. kaya parang weird. AHAHAHA. at nung binasa ko ulit…pinaka nakakatawa nga ang realization natin SAFM! AHAHAHAHAHAHA.walang panama sa fake it till you make it. AHAHA.


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