Apparently there is a resurgence of debates about the RH Bill in the news. I am not aware, as unaware I am of the extent of the destruction caused by the recent storms, the Olympics, political news, showbiz news, generally everything. My excuse is that I have no television, no radio, and no interest to spend money on newspaper. I occasionally have access to the internet, during which I blog, read comic book news on Newsarama, and download stuff that kill the brain.

I therefore have, as of yet, no position on the RH Bill. If it were as basic as artificial method of contraception vs no artificial method of contraception it would have been easy, but surely, to quote high-strung aktibi-aktibistahan people during recitations and meetings, “HINDI ITO ANG ISYU!!!!” It’s not like people can’t buy condoms in 7-11 for decades anyway, so clearly hindi ito ang isyu. There surely is a lot of legalese and a lot of money involved, and since I have not read or probably will not bother to read the fine print, I am therefore being the hateful apathetic citizen and declare that I have no stand on the issue. Better this than storm the streets with no clear vision other than it’s fun and cool. I am still embarrassed that I walked along Edsa during Edsa 2.

The whole RH Bill thing reminds me of when we were in high school, when we were met by the nuns and told us that the Cairo Conference is baaaaaaaad. None of us bothered to read about it or ask about it, our interest was just piqued by the nun’s declaration: “Gusto nyo ba ng Cairo Conference? Pag natuloy ang Cairo Conference, lahat ng tao magsesex. Pag recess may makikita kayong mga kaklase nyo na nagsesex sa lobby!”

Obviously The Cairo Conference pushed absolutely none of our classmates to fuck in the open. In fact, I’ve just googled that The Cairo Conference has nothing to do with sex, sex in the hallways, or our prurient classmates. In fact, it was not even about reproduction. The conference, in fact, happened in 1943, and it’s about alliances in World War II.

See, we have so many, so many things to unlearn. So much clutter, to be cleaned away and swept under the rug by… Wikipedia.

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  1. Apir! Wala din akong stand! Ano nga ba ang laman non EXACTLY? Thats what i learned after cheering for ##### haha. Puede bang ibalik na lang ang mali?


  2. btw i also disabled my facebook na! following pam patdu, who quoted you quoting your dad/mom as the reference, something like \”pwede kang mademanda dyan\”. ahahahahahha


  3. Wow so how do you waste your time? Be more active on twitter! Follow ryan lochte! Also fb is down by 50% na pala. Ha! Knew it! Btw, i am now HTGOT and no longer HTGOF. #abouttime


  4. See told ya. Story of my life. *swimming in gold bars and gold credit cards while saying \”daddy i want a pony\”*


  5. ahahahahahhahahaha. can't find you in twitter pa rin! andami kayang ibang @hellokathy!


  6. because it's hallokathy. actually you can just click on your followers and find me there ay sus!


  7. wala ka na pala sa facebook @_@hindi tuloy kita ma-tag sa article na ito. kaya dito ko na lang i-post among your blog's comments.


  8. ahahahha hahahahhahahaha magdidiwang ang mga shipper! ang tagal nila bago umamin, almost twenty years!


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