Month: May 2022


Went to the mall to fulfill my duty as a shopping enabler. Smoketh has been contemplating on getting airpods, and as a good friend I was there to tell her all the good things about the product, punctuating the rigmarole… Read More ›

Food Manifestations!

I love how patients correctly assume that I eat so little, that they start throwing all sorts of food at me. In this particular clinic day: A set of Denny’s enough to feed 5 people (some steak, some chicken with… Read More ›


After completing my very toxic clinics last Monday I passed by Cafe Breton and ordered chorizo burger and latte. I guess the chori-burger from Boracay was still on my mind, and it was clearly not the specialty of Breton. I… Read More ›

No Ears

A week before the elections my friend Smoketh and I walked around UP Diliman. I wanted to jog, but of course deep in my heart I probably didn’t, because I “forgot” to bring my running shoes, so we just walked… Read More ›

May 2022 Tsundoku Reportage

Just a very quick tsundoku reportage of recent purchases, more for accountability. Looking at this as my version of daily body check photos of people determined to work-out with regularity, to push themselves to keep with the habit. The Illustrated… Read More ›

Clap, Cheer, Cringe

A few weeks before the elections Smoketh, Aia, and I booked a flight to Boracay, where we met Frichmond, who was there to attend a social gathering, and Queen Mum who practices in Kalibo along with her husband, Sir Vim…. Read More ›

Vindictive Cunt

I sometimes just assume that this blog is alive, and that it writes its own content, ha ha ha. Been writing short stories for a workshop where the main characters, mainly “fictional” doctors, do embarrassing things, stories which don’t really… Read More ›