Month: February 2011

Spiked Kool-Aid For More

While studying for the specialty boards and getting scared crap that I have ALL those diseases I texted Mrs. T: “Your music recommendation for tonight is Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometimes by Beck, and also the original version by Korgis; and… Read More ›


Never been much of a brat, but I wish I were. A brat wields power, and being a great brat requires great skill with one end goal in sight: to get what I want want want. Because it should be… Read More ›

Holy Crap!

Wherein we pretend that we’ve been using this expression all our lives and not merely as a product of years watching juvenile American shows and reading American comic books. So here is a list of my weekly… Holy Crap!!!! Got… Read More ›

Harrison’s Telepathy

While nervously wolfing down KFC in Rob I asked Pyro a question.                 “Hey Pyro,” I said, “Category: IDS. Question: 8-16 hours?”                 “Bacillus cereus,” Pyro said nonchalantly as he munched on a drumstick.                 “Correct!!!!” I exclaimed.                  For… Read More ›

Usurping Oar House

                “We should drink alcohol. Off to Oar House!” Enjh proclaimed while we were comfortably ensconced drinking Voltage in Shrine MotherFucker I. So off we went to Oar House, which was apparently just a… Read More ›

Hearth! Blok Blok Blok

During our hospital-wide residency graduation the first week of January Mrs. Therese gave me a copy of Diary of Wimpy Kid. I showed this to Smoketh, who exclaimed, “That’s you!” I initially thought it’s unfair to label me as wimpy,… Read More ›

Tutututuw! Tutututuw!

In the summer of 2007 I wrote on my Friendster blog (back when, all together now—it wasn’t being spammed by invites for golden shower orgies in Ortigas!) something about the ill-fated show Dayuhan. Or more appropriately, how I thought it… Read More ›